Solar Control Film lowers energy consumption.

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With metallized surface that blocks 99% of incoming ultraviolet rays, Permasun® can be applied to existing and new windows to reflect up to 68% of incoming solar heat and reduce glare by 64%. Product limits solar gain, fabric fading, and eye strain. Resistant to water, detergents, and alcohols, it is rated for internal or external applications on flat surfaces such as glass, polycarbonate, or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA)substrates.

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Stay Cool, Save Energywith MACtac®

Permasun® solar control film lowers energy consumption

Stow, Ohio - Summer 2003 - The sun comes in; building cooling costs go through the roof- up to 30 percent higher than necessary, according to the California Energy Commission. It's a common concern that prompts builders and architects to sacrifice the beauty of natural light for energy savings. But eliminating windows and skylights doesn't have to be the answer. Instead, window films like Permasun® - a patented solar control film from MACtac® Technical Products - can be applied to existing and new windows for significant HVAC savings.

Permasun reflects up to 68 percent of incoming solar heat. The film features a metallized surface that also blocks 99 percent of incoming ultraviolet rays and reduces glare by 64 percent. These features combine to limit solar gain, fabric fading and eye strain. In addition, Permasun helps lower building electric bills by reducing maximum peak load demand. Other window films perform similar functions on glass windows only. However, Permasun is rated for internal or external applications to glass, polycarbonate or polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA) substrates.

Common applications of Permasun include swimming pool enclosures, conservatories, skylights, airports, office buildings, hospitals, schools and atriums. This no-maintenance window film is resistant to water and all usual detergents and alcohols and features a full five-year interior warranty against peeling, cracking, demetallization and discoloration when installed by a professional window film installer.

Block damaging rays to protect furnishings. The sun's energy can wreak havoc on internal fabrics, paints, carpets, wallpaper, draperies, wood, photos, artwork and other surfaces. Permasun protects these items from deterioration by blocking ultraviolet rays, visible light and solar heat - three common culprits of fading.

The economical, aesthetic solution. Permasun features a one-time application that does not block the view of windows and skylights, making it more cost effective and visually appealing than blinds, inserts and shades. Emitting a slight blue tint when seen from below, Permasun allows 18 percent of light through windows. In the workplace this reduction of visible light can improve working conditions by lowering glare on computer screens and allowing shades to be open or removed altogether.

Where can Permasun be installed? Permasun is rated for flat surface applications to windows and skylights. Intermediate polycarbonate panels affixed with Permasun can also be used to achieve the same benefits as direct applications to skylights. In addition, skylight manufacturers have the option of applying Permasun to curved or ridged polycarbonate glass reinforced plastic (GRP) or plastic profile units during the manufacturing process.

For more information or to receive product samples please contact the MACtac Technical Products group by phone 1.800.328.2619, fax 330.689.3932 or e-mail The free brochure, Stay Cool, Save Energy With MACtac (#4015), is also available.

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