Solar Battery Charger folds to pocket size.

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PowerFilm® AA charges 2 or 4 AA batteries in 4 or 8 hours of full sun, respectively. Unit also operates effectively in varying sunlight conditions and protects batteries from over-charging damage. Once folded, unit automatically beings charging, and includes lights that confirm if batteries are charging or fully charged.

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PowerFilm Solar Announces Launch of Breakthrough Solar Charger for AA Batteries

Ultra Lightweight and Folds to Pocket Size

Proprietary Intelligent Charging Circuit Solves Longstanding Solar Charging Problem to Enable Effective Solar Charging of AA Batteries for Mainstream Use

AMES, Iowa, Aug. 2 -- PowerFilm Solar, the solar division of Iowa Thin Film Technologies, Inc., announced today the launch of its PowerFilm(R) AA Foldable Solar Charger that precision charges AA batteries.

The solar charger is ultra lightweight, thin, and recharges batteries in a highly effective manner in varying sunlight conditions. This proprietary, patent-applied-for product optimizes charging time and charging current while still protecting the batteries from over-charging damage. "Unlike other solar chargers for AA batteries, this new charging circuit does not get confused from variations in current typically seen from a solar panel, said Frank Jeffrey, Chairman of PowerFilm Solar's parent company Iowa Thin Film Technologies.

The charger recharges 2 or 4 AA rechargeable (NiMH or NiCad) batteries to provide power for any device that uses AA batteries. The charger weighs less than 4 extra batteries and folds to pocket size.

A military version of the charger is being marketed by PowerFilm Solar. The company is partnering with Johnson Outdoors to market a commercial version. "AA battery users in both military and commercial markets have demanded a lightweight solar charger for AA batteries that really works well. Now they have a quality solar product that delivers," commented Mike Coon, Chief Operating Officer.

Ultra Compact - Ultra Lightweight - Easy to Use
Ultra compact and ultra lightweight, the PowerFilm AA Foldable Solar Charger is ideal for soldiers in the field. The charger provides portable power for charging AA rechargeable batteries. Once unfolded, this charger automatically begins charging. The charging lights confirm if the batteries are charging or fully charged. The smart charging circuit provides highly effective battery charging.

-- Provides lightweight on-soldier power.
-- Reduces need for extra batteries.
-- Supports rapid deployment and remote locations with quick solar electric power generation.
-- Provides power for emergency needs.
-- Tops off batteries to produce maximum run time.
-- Highly effective battery charging with breakthrough charging circuitry.

-- 2 Batteries: Full charge in about 4 hours of full sun.
-- 4 Batteries: Full charge in about 8 hours of full sun.
-- Integrates lightweight, rugged PowerFilm(R) flexible solar panels directly with fabric.
-- Charging lights confirm if batteries are charging or fully charged.
-- Rugged construction with 6 grommets for easy attachment.
-- Charger adds less weight than carrying 4 extra batteries.

CONTACT: Mike Coon of PowerFilm Solar - Iowa Thin Film Technologies, phone +1-515-292-7606, ext. 102, or fax +1-515-292-1922,

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