Software validates passwords and digital signatures.

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Digital Signature Solution provides 2-factor authentication, one-time passwords, and digital signatures to end-to-end users across electronic communication networks. Suited for e-banking, e-business, e-commerce, and e-government applications, product offers USB, CD Card, and CD tokens, all of which work with MS Windows® OS. Program can be setup to validate passwords and digital signatures or it can act as middle layer towards internal data storage or core system.

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Booleansoft Introduces Digital Signature Solution

OSLO, Norway, December 19 - Booleansoft Inc ( announced today the general availability of Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution. Digital Signature Solution provides strong authentication, one-time passwords, and digital signatures to end-to-end users across electronic communication networks. Now, two-factor authentication is available for a lower total cost of ownership than other related strong authentication security solutions.

Digital Signature Solution was made to satisfy the strong authentication requirements in regards to e-banking, e-business, e-commerce and e-government.

"Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution's primary objective is to provide a strong authentication password based secure access solution and related products which is less costly than present solutions, while at the same time offering a level of security comparable to present solutions considered to have a high level of security," observed Inge Henriksen, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of Booleansoft Inc. "We saw that on one side you had very secure solutions from a few big international companies, these solutions were however very expensive to implement and not least to maintain.

On the other side we saw that there were many less costly solutions that would often compromise on security. We at Booleansoft wanted to make strong authentication affordable for solution providers and their customers, but without making any compromises on security issues. Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution is the result of our efforts, and we are very proud of how the product finally turned out. We added extra security features like one-time passwords that don't make use of scratch codes, plus Anti-Pharming and Anti-Phishing; the final product became even more secure than our initial goal intended it to be," added Henriksen.

At present there is a high demand for anytime, anywhere access to services provided via telecommunications and/or data networks; U.S. Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council (FFIEC) has given a deadline of end-of-year 2006 for U.S. banks to implement two-factor authentication, other countries and business sectors are likely to follow.

There are three types of tokens that can be provided with Booleansoft Digital Signature Solution; the USB token, the CD Card token and the CD token. The tokens work with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) operating systems that have a USB port or a CD-ROM drive, no software installation is required.

On the server side, Booleansoft Dynamic Password Server communicates with the internal data storage, or core system, using common standardised protocols.

Dynamic Password Server can be setup to validate passwords and digital signatures, or it can act as a middle layer towards the internal data storage or core system. Dynamic Password Server works with Microsoft(R) Windows(R) server operating systems.

About Booleansoft

Booleansoft is based out of Oslo, Norway; Booleansoft provides enterprise solutions for securing electronic transactions across an electronic communication network, like the Internet. Booleansoft Inc was founded in late 2005. Upcoming products include Password Manager, which is scheduled for general availability release 2 January 2006. More information is available at

For more information contact: Inge Henriksen, +47-48096400,

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