Software tracks mobile hospital assets in real time.

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Combining RFID 802.11 Wi-Fi based asset tags and enterprise software that can be used with standard wireless networks, HealthTrax facilitates tracking of assets and people within hospitals. Once tags are attached to desired items, hospital staff can locate what they need when the need it on web-based electronic floor plan. Tags on hospital equipment and patients can be programmed to trigger alarm and alert personnel if they are moved from designated areas.

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InfoLogix Announces HealthTrax RFID Asset Tracking Software for Management of Hospital Mobile Assets in Real Time

Location Tracking of Assets in Hospitals using existing 802.11 Wi-Fi Networks

HATBORO, Pa., Feb. 9 / -- InfoLogix, a market leader in Healthcare Information Technology total solutions announces HealthTrax, their new solution for Real-Time Location Tracking and management of medical devices. HealthTrax was developed with InfoLogix partner AeroScout, the leader in the field of Wi-Fi based Active RFID solutions. The first demonstration of the integrated solution will be in San Diego at HIMSS 2006, the top Healthcare Informatics Conference for the year. Also at HIMSS, InfoLogix and AeroScout will discuss performance and ROI of HealthTrax for Asset Tracking and for Patient Location Tracking.

"Integrating the RFID Asset Tracking Technology of HealthTrax helps hospitals become more effective and cost efficient by having real-time management of mobile assets, for both affordability and effectiveness," said David Gulian, President of InfoLogix. "Already, our products and services ease the burden of meeting JCAHO reporting requirements and support preparedness for JCAHO audits. Our total Asset Management solution will enable our customers to always know where medical equipment is located and make preventive maintenance more efficient." HealthTrax Asset Tracking was designed to remove the high cost and complexity of determining medical equipment location. "We fully expect to make a real impact on utilization of medical equipment assets, which costs healthcare millions annually. Most hospitals are unaware of their true inventory value and what they are spending in replacement costs."

HealthTrax is a complete solution for tracking assets and people within hospitals, and includes both RFID asset tags and enterprise software that can be used with standard wireless networks. The HealthTrax RFID tag is 802.11 Wi-Fi-based and leverages the existing wireless infrastructure; hospitals will not need a separate or redundant wireless network for Asset Tracking. Once the tags are attached to desired items, hospital staff can quickly locate what they need and when they need it on an easy-to-use Web-based electronic floor plan. This tagged hospital equipment can also provide security benefits by triggering an alarm if hospital assets are taken from designated areas.

What HealthTrax Does
Asset Loss Prevention: Large hospitals lose hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of equipment each year and spend countless hours searching for patient care assets. This includes medical devices (such as infusion pumps, portable x-ray machines and patient monitoring devices), as well as other mobile assets such as wheelchairs, Computers on Wheels, stretchers and gurneys.

Increased Asset Utilization: Poor utilization and slow device cycle times cause many high-value assets to go underutilized while hospitals continue to overspend on new and rental assets. Meanwhile, nurses sacrifice time with patients to seek equipment they need, and maintenance staff loses productive hours searching for specific items that need maintenance. The ability to find assets instantaneously and improve their flow through hospital processes saves staff time and lowers capital or lease costs. ROI is immediate.

Patient Location Tracking: With patients often scheduled for multiple, consecutive procedures, knowledge of their location helps optimize the patient-care process and helps manage schedules in real-time. The Patient Tracking System can also be programmed to alert hospital personnel if a patient leaves a designated area. Patients in critical-care situations particularly benefit from RFID Location Tracking, as it enables rapid medical assistance if condition of the patient abruptly deteriorates.

"Active RFID automates the process of identifying and tracking medical equipment throughout a facility, and by utilizing existing or new standard wireless networks as readers, hospitals can keep costs low and management simple," said Gabi Daniely, VP of Marketing, AeroScout. "The payoff is increased visibility and awareness of asset location in real time, and improved operational and financial management."

This partnership of these two industry-leading companies that have been focused on the development of point-of-care and wireless asset tracking solutions is dedicated to optimizing clinician workflow and communications, improving patient and staff satisfaction, and reducing hospital costs through effective management and use of existing assets.

About InfoLogix, the Power of Enterprise Mobility Technology Solutions
InfoLogix continues to enable healthcare management to meet the ever- changing needs of the hospitals they serve, through uniquely integrated technology solutions. The company holds worldwide market leadership positions in mobile computing and wireless enterprise mobility solutions.

With more than 50,000 wireless mobile computing solutions installed in over 1300 healthcare facilities, InfoLogix provides secure, cost-effective mobile solutions for electronic medical records, clinical documentation, computerized physician order entry (CPOE) and medication delivery systems. InfoLogix applications and services feature wireless data management that help healthcare organizations increase efficiency, reduce medical errors, meet regulatory requirements, and enhance revenue cycle performance.

InfoLogix will exhibit its latest versions of HealthTrax RFID Asset Tracking and Bed Management software as well as point-of-care portable computer carts, fixed wall mount computer workstations and barcode medication management solutions in the InfoLogix booth -- Feb. 12-16 at the 2006 Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in San Diego.

Visit InfoLogix in San Diego at HIMSS 2006, Booth 515

About AeroScout
AeroScout provides award-winning enterprise visibility solutions that utilize Wi-Fi wireless networking standards to deliver accurate location-based solutions. AeroScout IT systems includes real-time location services (RTLS), long range active RFID asset tracking, telemetry and choke-point visibility all in a single integrated cost-effective infrastructure. AeroScout standards- based applications locate valuable assets and people in indoor and outdoor environments, enabling customers in numerous industries to drive revenues and cut costs.

Visit AeroScout in San Diego at HIMSS 2006, Booth 1610

CONTACT: Gail Wright, InfoLogix, +1-215-604-0691,

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