Software tests high-speed serial data communication.

Press Release Summary:

Designed for data communications and military communications industry, Absolute Investigator(TM) allows development engineers to view, analyze, decode, count, record, simulate, delay, and manipulate data in real-time. Solution offers test solutions at speeds of 10 and 100 Mbps, as well as in range from 1-11.5 Gbps. Features include 10 Gbps fibre channel; CPRI(TM) support; protocol database updates for fibre channel, Ethernet, and CPRI(TM); and sanAlytics(TM).

Original Press Release:

Absolute Analysis Enables Engineers with New Integrated Test Tool for Real-Time Delay Simulation, Modification, Analysis, and Verification

Hardware/firmware device development tool boasts first-ever, real-time integrated functionality of protocol analysis, traffic generation, error injection, impairment test, and bit error rate test in a single solution

Newbury Park, CA March 25, 2009 -- Absolute Analysis, the developers' choice for protocol test solutions, today announced the release of a high-speed serial data communications test tool that allows development engineers to view, analyze, decode, count, record, simulate, and now for the first time ever, delay and manipulate data in real time using just a single piece of software/hardware.

Single Hardware Provides Complete Solution:

"Absolute Analysis is proud to offer engineers a much-needed single solution featuring the integration of sophisticated tools for use in data communications, telecommunications, and military communications, to capture, analyze, delay, modify, and verify data at full line rate," stated Dennis Murphy, President of Absolute Analysis.

"This release of our Absolute Investigator(TM) solution enables in-line, real-time impairment testing coupled with a powerful error injector and analysis that far exceed existing industry offerings," Murphy continued. "The unique strength of this error injector is the ability to use the full triggering and filtering functionality of our analyzer to transform simple error injection on a matched frame into TRUE protocol testing, where multiple states within a protocol must occur - in sequence - before error injection will take place. It is this exclusive, highly integrated single platform solution that enables time-correlated, multi-protocol, and multi-speed testing a reality."

Fast Captured Trace Data Uploads, Added Protocol Support and Increased System Performance:

The Absolute Investigator(TM) suite of tools has received a number of enhancements in addition to Impairment Test and Error Injection, which will provide development engineers with a more feature-rich system for testing high speed serial data communications. Faster trace upload times have been added for larger data captures, along with protocol database updates for Fibre Channel, Ethernet and CPRI(TM) (Common Public Radio Interface Standard.)

Overall system performance can see increases using Absolute Investigator(TM) Impairment Tester. Networks with flow control can be susceptible to performance degradation as distance and latency increase. Other protocols which have built in time-outs, are also affected as latency increases. With the Absolute Analysis Impairment Tester, developers are able to delay traffic and simulate these slow responses in order to test worst case scenarios and change network parameters to optimize performance.

With one hardware platform, Absolute Investigator's usability across multiple protocols, speeds and applications equates to a hefty cost savings for developers. Competitive offerings require a separate solution for impairment test, along with additional software/hardware platforms for each protocol in need of testing.

Users will find that in addition to saving money, they will be rewarded with reduced training cycles and an overall better value as a result of Absolute Investigator's single user interface, scalable architecture and great breadth of analysis.

New Protocol Support, Features, Upgrades, and Documentation for Absolute Investigator(TM):

o 10Gbps Fibre Channel

o CPRI(TM) support

o Protocol database updates for Fibre Channel, Ethernet and CPRI(TM)

o Updated sanAlytics(TM)

Absolute Investigator(TM) Impairment Test/Delay Line Features:

o Supports Fibre Channel and Ethernet protocols, including FCoE, AFDX, iSCSI, IP, IPv6, TCP, and others.

o Able to delay traffic in both directions

o Simulates latency and long cable lengths

o Checks system behavior in the presence of latency (Failure and Recovery)

o Sits "in-line" between two devices and allows developers to insert real time delays on all traffic.

For a complete list of Absolute Investigator(TM) Impairment Tester features please visit:

Absolute Investigator(TM) Error Injection Features:

o Protocol-dependent, state-driven error injection capabilities.

o Supports Fibre Channel and Ethernet protocols, including FCoE, AFDX, iSCSI, IP, IPv6, TCP, and others.

o Able to corrupt one or more network events in real-time and simulate data loss, data corruption, protocol errors and data errors, and check device under test error recovery procedures.

o Automatically recalculates and inserts new CRC values where applicable

For a complete list of Absolute Investigator(TM) Error Injector features please visit:

An Integrated Core Creates Multi- Protocol and Multi-Speed Capabilities:

Developers will find the Absolute Investigator(TM) Solution from Absolute Analysis truly unusual in its flexibility and broad range of capabilities. With an entirely unique database centered design, Absolute Investigator(TM) provides a single tool that offers multiple test capabilities, expands across multiple protocols, and adapts to multiple speeds.

In addition to the new Impairment Test and Error Injection Test capabilities, Absolute Investigator(TM) also offers a Protocol Analyzer, Protocol Editor, Traffic Generator, Bit Error Rate Test (BERT), Trace Viewer, and Performance Statistics applications.

Current Absolute Investigator(TM) protocol support includes: AFDX, CPRI(TM), Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SAS, SATA, Serial FPDP, and custom/proprietary protocols.

Absolute Analysis offers high-speed serial data communications test solutions at speeds of 10Mbps, 100Mbps and in the range from 1Gbps to 11.5Gbps.

About Absolute Analysis:

The most experienced and knowledgeable development engineers in military communications, embedded systems, data communications, telecommunications, and storage networking choose Absolute Analysis high speed serial data communications test and analysis solutions for their power, flexibility, granularity, ease-of-use, and customizable database. Headquartered in Southern California, Absolute Analysis sells and supports its products worldwide.

For more information on innovative solutions for the development and test of protocol and communications networks visit or telephone +1 805 376 6048.


Sales Contact:

Peter Brownell

Director of Sales

+1 805 376 6048 ext 114

peter.brownell (at) absoluteanalysis (dot) com

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