Software solves common safety management problems.

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Developed by certified safety professional ZeraWare computerizes key safety management functions: Incident Reporting, Accident Investigations, and Safety Inspections. Software tracks injuries and accident patterns, helps obtain safety performance data for one or more locations, and creates customized safety inspection and OSHA audit checklists. Accident investigation tools include optional root cause analysis with tutorial, and built-in corrective action log.

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ZeraWare - New Computer-Based Safety Management System

ZeraWare safety software is a new computer-based safety management system for administering a sound safety program. This software computerizes key safety management functions: Incident Reporting, Accident Investigations and Safety Inspections. Developed by a Certified Safety Professional, this software solves common safety management problems such as:

o Haphazard accident reporting.

o Tedious accident data analysis

o Inability to track accident patterns.

o A lack of uniformity amoung locations.

o Corrective actions from accidents and safety inspections are not tracked to completion.

o Wasted time performing tasks that could be done easier and faster if computerized.

The practical, user-friendly features in ZeraWare allow Safety Managers to manage their safety program more effectively. This software provides modern safety management tools that save time, reduce paperwork and make the safety program more productive. A 30 day free trial is available from the Web Site.

ZeraWare is suitable for any industry of any size. Install ZeraWare on one computer or a facility network or multiple location intranet system. Personnel with network access will be able to view Incident reports, Safety Inspections or Audits, Safety Performance Data or the status of corrective Actions for any Department of Facility, immediately.

ZeraWare is very user friendly. Forms can be customized. Some of the advantages of using ZeraWare are:

o Track injuries and accident patterns easily.

o Obtain safety performance data for one facility or multiple locations quickly and easily.

o Print out or e-mail Reports.

o Create customized safety inspections or OSHA audit checklists.

o Accident investigation tools include an optional Root Cause Analysis with tutorial.

o An automatic corrective action log is built-in to provide accountability following accident investigations and safety inspections.

Bottom line: ZeraWare gives Safety Personnel a modern, efficient way to manage employee safety more effectively.

Company Name: ZeraWare
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Phone: 716-632-5087

Contact Name: Thomas L. Zera
Organization: Safety Management Services, Inc.
Title: President

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