Software simplifies management of life science clusters.

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Designed for Scyld ClusterWare(TM) HPC, Life Sciences Suite v1.0 manages life sciences research and applications from single, web accessible portal in familiar workstation environment. Web-based software is integrated with commonly used bio/life sciences open source applications, Torque resource manager, as well as popular MPI libraries and compilers. Hierarchical File Manager enables intuitive organization of multiple projects and associated data.

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Penguin Computing Ships Integrated Life Sciences Suite, Simplifying Application Integration and Management for Life Sciences Clusters

Simple, Out-of-the-Box Point and Click Environment for Managing Bio Research

TAMPA, Fla., SuperComputing 2006, Nov. 14 / - Penguin Computing today announced general availability of the Life Sciences Suite for Scyld ClusterWare(TM) HPC, a simple, out-of-the-box, pre-integrated point and click workspace for managing life sciences research and applications from a single, web accessible portal in a familiar workstation environment. With the new integrated software package, cluster users in the life sciences will be able to manage their research in a focused, graphical environment, enabling them to realize the power of multiple machines without needing to be cluster experts so they can be highly productive and focus on results, not clusters.

Bioinformatics research teams who are not Linux/server management experts but still need significant computational power choose clusters, but then often have to manually integrate the most common open source life sciences applications. Creating an integrated cluster and application environment for consistent use and coordinated research across multiple users on a research team is often and ad hoc and error prone process.

"Collecting, integrating and managing open source life sciences applications for use on even a small cluster can be a hassle for researchers, so Penguin Computing's Life Sciences Suite offers an integrated, easy to use solution," said Pauline Nist, senior vice president, product development and management, Penguin Computing. "Linux clusters can be very easy to deploy and use with the right cluster management and bioinformatics workspace tools. We are confident that with the Life Sciences Suite, our customers will be more productive and able to focus on research rather than the underlying technology."

Some of the most commonly used bio/life sciences open source applications are pre-integrated into the Life Sciences Suite, including BLAST, mpiBLAST, HMMER, Wise2, EMBOSS, ClustalW, Glimmer, MrBayes, Probcons and T-Coffee. However, the environment is also extensible to add virtually any application into the environment and use them in the same way the pre-packaged applications are used. The software is also integrated with the ubiquitous Torque resource manager, as well as popular MPI libraries and compilers. An administrator can easily set up user accounts, each with private projects and associated data. A simple, hierarchical File Manager enables intuitive organization of multiple projects and associated data so that finding and managing input and results and sharing with others if needed is easy to do.

All of the scheduling and underlying cluster management is managed by Scyld ClusterWare HPC so users can instantly and easily see what is happening on the cluster. And, since the Life Sciences Suite is commercially supported, organizations have access to expert assistance when they need it.

"Our customers have been leveraging the ease of use features of our Scyld ClusterWare product to eliminate complexity from their cluster deployments in many vertical industries," commented Matt Jacobs, vice president, sales, Penguin Computing. "Scyld Life Sciences Suite is a natural extension of those features into the bioinformatics market and another example of how Penguin is driving the adoption of cluster technology in commercial realm."

About Scyld ClusterWare HPC

Scyld ClusterWare HPC provides organizations with a productive, simple and hardware agnostic HPC system enabling administrators to install, monitor and manage the cluster as a single system, from a single node -- the Master. Through the Master, thousands of systems can be managed as if they were a single, consistent, virtual system, dramatically simplifying deployment and management and significantly improving data center resource utilization and server performance.

Scyld ClusterWare employs a unique architecture based on three principles that, combined, deliver unparalleled productivity and lower total cost of ownership.

o The operating environment deployed to the compute nodes is provisioned
"stateless", directly to memory.
o The compute node operating environment is lightweight, stripped of
unnecessary software, overhead and vulnerabilities
o A simple operating system extension virtualizes the cluster into a pool
of processors operating as if it were a single virtual machine.

The result is a highly efficient, more reliable and scalable system, capable of processing more work in less time, while being vastly simpler to use and maintain.

About Penguin Computing

Penguin Computing is the leader in Cluster Virtualization, delivering virtualized cluster systems driven by Scyld ClusterWare(TM) its unique Linux software, which makes large pools of Linux servers appear and act like a single virtual system. Through a single point of command/control, thousands of systems can be managed as if they were a single, consistent, virtual system, dramatically simplifying deployment and management and significantly improving server performance and data center resource utilization. Focused on the high performance computing, enterprise consolidation and web hosting markets, the company has an extensive customer base including Fortune 1000 companies, government agencies and educational institutions. Founded in 1998, Penguin Computing is headquartered in San Francisco, California. To learn more about High Performance Computing Linux and Web Clustering, please visit Penguin Computing at

Life Sciences Suite 1.0 Features and Benefits
Features Benefits
Top bioinformatics applications Covers the majority of bioinformatics
included and pre-integrated. operations researchers require --
Out of the box.
Add in your own applications as Easy, custom extensibility to your
required environment
User's guide for jump starting Complete "How-to" instructions for
your work maximum productivity
Bundled applications include Begin testing applications immediately
data for testing
Individual user accounts Assurance of privacy and security for
your valuable research
Powerful, hierarchical Easily move and use files from other
file manager computers, no need to copy the
mountain of data around
Intuitive, browser-based Point and click bioinformatics
user interface Easy learning curve without
being a cluster expert
Commercial support Expert assistance when you need it


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