Software sets up motion controllers remotely.

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RMCWin motion controller software, compatible with Windows(R) 95, 98, and 2000, provides troubleshooting, diagnostic information, scale calculations and direction parameters, access to auto-tuning functions, and ability to change control parameters from operator's keyboard. RS-232 port in CPU provides access to RMCWin motion control and axis tuning software. Software also includes Curve and Address tools and Event Control Firmware table/spreadsheet.

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RMCWin Software From Delta Computer Systems Provides Fast, Easy, Precise, Flexible Set-Up For RMC Family Of Motion Controllers

And now you can download and test-drive the software yourself

Vancouver, WA - March 22, 2002 - RMCWin motion controller software from Delta Computer Systems furnishes fast set-up, precision tuning, cost savings, and solid reduction of time cycles required to get products to markets. RMCWin's precision tuning improves motion performance, resulting in faster throughput for cost savings.

RMCWin is compatible with Windows(R) 95, 98, and 2000. An RS-232 port in the CPU provides access to Delta's powerful RMCWin motion control and axis tuning software
In addition, RMCWin provides:

- troubleshooting

- diagnostic information

- scale calculations and direction parameters

- access to auto-tuning functions

- capability to change control parameters from the operator's keyboard

New benefits included in Delta's RMCWin software include the Curve Tool, for inputting time-over-distance relationships; and the Address Tool, for bookmarking any register location, to provide instant feedback on where to write to or from, for any motion control function needed.

Every Delta RMC Family of motion controllers can be pre-programmed by using Delta's Event Control Firmware (ECF) table/spreadsheet. With this tool, once programmed, an external proximity switch can trigger the motion controller to order a change in production line machinery positions. This change happens at a deterministic one- or two-millisecond rate, depending on the number of axes, and provides fast, precise machinery position changes to increase throughput.

The Delta RMC 100 Family of motion controllers supports five communications types: Ethernet and Ethernet/IP; ModBus Plus; PROFIBUS; R232/422/485 Serial; and Discrete I/O communications options. RMCWin allows easy access to setting-up these communications in the RMC 100 Family of motion controllers.

These motion controllers have the ability to work with various position and pressure feedback transducers, and are able to control electro-hydraulic, servo-motor, stepper-motor control, and servo-pneumatic powered machinery precisely. All are configurable from RMCWin.

To find out more about Delta's RMCWin software, or to download for your own test-drive, log on to Delta's website: or contact Herb Johanson, Delta Computer Systems, Inc., 11719 NE 95th Street, Suite D, Vancouver, WA 98682-2444. Telephone 360/254-8688, FAX 360/254-5435

Delta Computer Systems, Inc. provides innovative, advanced capability motion controllers, color sensors, and custom industrial control products to solve production line automation needs. Delta is headquartered in Vancouver, Washington.

Delta Computer Systems, Inc. 11719 NE 95th Street, Suite D Vancouver, WA 98682 Telephone 360/254-8688

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