Software/Service provides automated video geotagging.

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PocketCaster mobile software can automatically embed handset's position in each frame of video, creating dynamic stream of geotagging. Viewers can watch PocketCaster-created video live or on-demand, and can concurrently see location represented as dot or moving direction path on satellite map. Tapping into Waypoint Database System, waypoint tags can be set for locations or landmarks, then all streaming videos are tagged with that waypoint location and can be dynamically mapped.

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ComVu Unveils First-Ever 'Automated Geotagging' for Consumer Mobile Video Sharing at NAVTEQ LBS Developer Conference

Cutting-edge mobile software technology allows ComVu PocketCaster users to automatically embed time, date and GPS tags into mobile video broadcasts.

Los Angeles, CA - September 12, 2006 -- ComVu Media, Inc., a pioneer of innovative mobile software and automated video delivery technologies, today announced the launch of its new location-based service (LBS) solution, automated video geotagging. For the first time, consumers can automatically tag videos with their location from the convenience of a mobile phone.

During a live presentation at the NAVTEQ LBS Developers Conference, William Mutual, CEO of ComVu demonstrated how the Company's mobile software, PocketCaster, can automatically embed a handset's position in each frame of video, creating a dynamic stream of geotagging. Viewers can watch PocketCaster-created videos live or on-demand, and can concurrently see the location represented as a dot or moving direction path on a satellite map.

With the advancement of wireless technology and demand for both location-enabled consumer applications and enterprise solutions, ComVu sees LBS as a great revenue-generating opportunity for mobile operators.

Mobile operators are already testing global positioning systems, or GPS. Many of the latest generation of mobile phones allow the determination of the handset's position either via inbuilt GPS equipment or triangulation. In most cases this location data can be directly embedded into each frame of PocketCaster video by simply checking a 'GPS' option in the software's setup. Where integrated GPS capability is not available, consumers have the option to purchase a blue-tooth GPS receiver.

Alternatively, consumers can tap into ComVu's "Waypoint Database System" that includes waypoints for major cities around the world (waypoints are locations or landmarks in a city). Using PocketCaster software on a phone, waypoint tags are selected through a simple menu option. Once a waypoint is set, all PocketCaster streaming videos are automatically tagged with that waypoint location and can be dynamically mapped.

According to leading research firm Canalys, there has been sustained growth in the GPS navigation device market during the latest quarter, above even the boom seen in Q4 2005. They found that the industry is gearing up for a second generation of devices that bring navigation to the bigger market for wireless phones, where GPS will soon be a standard feature.

"It's not time efficient to manually tag videos with a location when you already have a camera phone with GPS available," said William Mutual, CEO of ComVu. "With mobile workers like first responders, law enforcement officers, and insurance adjusters relying on immediate and accurate locations for dispatching crews or for legal documentation, there is a definite demand for a reliable and efficient geotagging solution."

ComVu's "Automated Geotagging" solution is expected to officially launch its full version in Q4 of 2006 bundled as part of the PocketCaster subscription.

ComVu sits at the forefront of converging developments in wireless and entertainment, where mobile phones are gaining high-end cameras and powerful processors, and where everyday people are creating and sharing their own content.

About ComVu
ComVu is a pioneer in the personal video broadcast and mobile software industry, delivering the world's first automated 'one-button' LIVE mobile video broadcasting solution. Coupled with today's video-enabled phones and portable PC platforms, ComVu offers a simple, convenient "always-with-you" option for capturing and sharing events, while eliminating the delay, hassle and expense of uploading videos through a PC or wireless MMS. ComVu has automated the process of broadcasting live, and concurrently saving videos on a web-server, ready to publish to online communities, video sharing sites and blogs with one-button simplicity. ComVu's solution is licensed to mobile operators, consumer portals, ISPs, enterprises and government organizations. For more information please visit

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