Software scores health status and quality of life surveys.

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Suited for health outcomes professionals, QualityMetric Health Outcomes(TM) Scoring Software v2.0 identifies data quality problems and provides options for correcting them. It delivers automated reports for monitoring data quality in real time, first stage depression screening, and predicted average monthly medical expenditure risk. Software scores SF-36®, SF36v2(TM), SF-12®, SF-12v2(TM), SF-8(TM), and SF-10(TM) health survey for children. Optional Utility Index component can incorporate economic indications.

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New Software Improves Quality of Life for Outcomes Professionals

QualityMetric releases new software that scores health status and quality of life surveys (SF-36v2(TM) Health Survey and others) faster, easier, and more accurately.

LINCOLN, R.I., April 26 /- For outcomes professionals, few things are more alarming than the possibility that survey data has been tainted in some way. When it comes to patient-reported outcomes, this can be a real problem. There are reports of data being omitted or misplaced during the collection process -- resulting in analysis that is at best skewed and at worst incorrect. These errors have had major impacts on regulatory decisions and have delayed the availability of new treatments in the marketplace.

According to John Ware, Jr., PhD, CEO and Chairman of the Board at QualityMetric, this new software removes this concern from the equation: "The QualityMetric Health Outcomes Scoring Software 2.0 has the ability to identify problems with data quality and provide options for correcting them before it is too late -- data quality is the key to achieving precise and valid health status measurement."

Here are some examples of the impact data problems can have on large surveys:

o Two surveys recently administered in the U.S. experienced problems with
the reproduction of the survey form. In one, the first question was
mistakenly left out when the questionnaires were reprinted. In another,
four questions were retyped in the wrong order for a facsimile

o Data entry errors can also jeopardize survey results. Recently, a
vendor covering a specific geographic location introduced a skip
pattern into a telephone administration of a survey. This meant that
important responses were not recorded for an entire region of the

o Errors involving data coding have also been reported. This can happen
when programming code or scoring algorithms are implemented
incorrectly. Creating computer programs that accurately follow
published guidelines can prove challenging, even for users with a
background in statistics or programming.

In addition to minimizing these kinds of problems, the QualityMetric Health Outcomes(TM) Scoring Software 2.0 makes life easier for health outcomes professionals, says Bob Frick, Vice President of Technology and Operations at QualityMetric. "It makes data entry faster, there is no need for special computer programming, and the software provides automated reports that allow users to monitor data quality in real time."

QualityMetric Health Outcomes(TM) Scoring Software 2.0 scores the SF-36® Health Survey, SF36v2(TM) Health Survey, SF-12® Health Survey, SF-12v2(TM) Health Survey, SF-8(TM) Health Survey, and SF-10(TM) Health Survey for Children. Along with the ability to identify corrupted or missing data, the software provides first stage depression screening and a predicted average monthly medical expenditure risk.

The Utility Index, an optional component of the software, offers an added ability to incorporate economic indications into the analysis. The Utility Index ascertains the magnitude of measured change in health status for health economics (e.g. cost-effectiveness, quality adjusted life years).

About QualityMetric Incorporated:

QualityMetric is a leading provider of health status and outcomes measurement products and services that use proprietary and analytical methodologies to capture, benchmark, and interpret actionable patient-reported health information. We seek to incorporate the patient's voice into health care decision-making with general and disease-specific patient-reported outcome (PRO) surveys. The company was founded in 1997 by John E. Ware, Jr., PhD, principal developer of the SF-36® Health Survey, SF-36v2(TM) Health Survey, SF-12® Health Survey, SF-12v2(TM) Health Survey, SF-8(TM) Health Survey, and SF-10(TM) Health Survey for Children. QualityMetric's scientific expertise has dramatically improved the value and precision of quality of life measurement. In addition, our technology applications, including the world's first computerized dynamic health assessments (DYNHA®), have broadened the options for administration. Supported by the world recognized Outcomes Insight(TM) Consulting Division, QualityMetric offers full service "solutions" for all applications of patient-reported health outcomes measurement. Visit us at .

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