Software routes mainframe reports to IP printers or PC.

Press Release Summary:

RMS/Spool v11.35 lets users print directly to IP-addressable printers and local Windows printers using TCP/IP as well as download reports to PC directory or DESKTOP inbox. Along with using catalogued datasets for all extents in RMS/Spool repository, software offers multilingual support and optimized subsystem throughput via checkpoint processing. Device type DESKTOP uses VTAM support, device type DESKTOPI uses TCP/IP support, and IPPRINT/PCPRINT/PCDIR nodes use TCP/IP support.

Original Press Release:

Announcing: RMS/Spool v11.35

BIRMINGHAM, Ala., Oct. 13, 2008 -- Mantissa Corporation is pleased to announce the availability of our latest release, RMS/Spool version 11.35. All modifications and enhancements made to previous releases have now been fully integrated into the newest iteration of RMS/Spool.

Here is a brief outline of the changes and enhancements made to v11.35 since the previous release:

-- TCP/IP Printing -- Added capability to print directly to IP addressable printers and local Windows printers using TCP/IP. Support also includes the ability to download reports to a PC directory or a DESKTOP inbox. PC nodes (and the Windows local printer) will require the Mantissa PC client.

-- Catalogued Datasets -- Added capability to use catalogued datasets for all extents in the RMS/Spool repository. The allocations of multiple Spool extents can now be made with catalogued datasets.

-- Storage Improvements -- Further progress has been made to move control blocks above the line to reduce RMS/Spool's below the line footprint and increase the capacity of the system.

-- Enhanced Checkpoint Processing -- Faster subsystem throughput.

-- JCL and Documentation Changes -- Several members of the install JCL dataset have been changed to reflect current releases.

-- Broader Multi-lingual Support -- New addition to Spool language support set. Help files are now available in Spanish as well as English, French, German, Swedish and Danish.

-- Documentation -- All relevant product documentation has been edited and updated in accordance with v11.35 changes, and is now available on CD. Documentation may also be downloaded within Mantissa's Customer Space.

-- Purge Enhancements -- More efficient process for reducing system overhead.

-- New Parms to Support TCP/IP Printing -- Device type DESKTOP will continue to use VTAM support. Device type DESKTOPI will use new TCP/IP support. New devices IPPRINT, PCPRINT and PCDIR nodes will use TCP/IP support.

Want to reduce overhead and go greener?

Cut down on paper reports with the new release of RMS/DeskTop. Instead of routing all mainframe reports out to VTAM - and now thanks to the new version of RMS/Spool - TCP/IP printers, why not route some of them to a PC instead?
Skip the paper chase altogether. We can help ...

For a limited time we will include 150 copies of RMS/DeskTop v3.23 with each install of RMS/Spool v11.35, at no extra charge.

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