Software provides rules-driven product management.

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Operating with Microsoft .NET®-based architecture, Rulestream v6.0 solution aggregates and manages intellectual property assets to automate complex decisions for all product-centric business operations. It allows manufacturers, customers, and suppliers to access and create new product designs securely over Internet. Features include RS CAD and Visualization server that allows remote non-CAD users to view designs and user interface that includes dockable windows.

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New .NET®-based RuleStream 6.0 Maximizes Manufacturers' Investments in Rules-driven Product Management

Rulestream Corporation announces the general availability of Rulestream 6.0, a Microsoft .NET®-based version of the company's Rules-driven Product Management (RPM) solution. Rulestream's patent-pending software solution aggregates and manages Intellectual Property (IP) assets to automate complex decisions for all product-centric business operations.

Rulestream 6.0 allows manufacturers and their customers, and suppliers to access and create new product designs securely and easily over the Internet. With .NET-based architecture, its web capabilities empower distribution and supplier partners to securely cross corporate boundaries and directly benefit from automation and productivity enhancement tools. It provides a highly scalable solution to serve users, leveraging both hardware and software load balancing features with excellent response times.

"Rulestream's move to .NET is a big step towards making RPM available to a broader audience of manufacturers, including industries like F&A, AEC, Automotive, Aerospace and Defense," said Ed Miller, President of CimData, a leading global consulting and research firm focused on PLM. "Manufacturers are beginning to realize that you don't have to be an engineer-to-order firm to benefit from RPM."

"Rulestream 6.0 marks an important step for rules-driven product management, expanding the use of RPM beyond the physical enterprise," said David Vredenburgh, Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Rulestream Corporation. " It allows manufacturers its outside sales force, including dealers, as they deploy an RPM system. With .NET, users all over the globe can contribute to a company's centralized, secure knowledge database. Rulestream is broadening its market reach to enable companies gain a competitive advantage."

"Moving to a .NET platform is going to have a significant impact on Rulestream's offering," said Bill Gerould, Industry Director, Worldwide Discrete Manufacturing, Microsoft Corporation. ".NET's robust platform will give users the ability to access Rulestream's solutions, opening up the opportunity for the company to extend the reach of RPM."

Features include the new RS CAD and Visualization server that allows remote non-CAD users to easily view designs, improving the ease of use and extending the availability of Rulestream to a wider range of users. Users can request geometry information about a design and then view it once the geometry is created. A new user interface, including dockable windows, makes the design of Rulestream applications more simple and flexible. Microsoft .NET connects systems, information, and devices through Web services so people can collaborate and communicate more effectively.

About Rulestream
Rulestream allows manufacturers to accelerate product planning, design and production by more effectively aggregating and managing their Intellectual Property (IP) assets. Its software solutions help manufacturers engaged in Fabrication and Assembly; Automotive and Aerospace/Defense Companies, and Architectural and Engineering firms realize higher productivity, faster design cycles, better quality and greater product innovation.

Integrated IP database is provided that enables manufacturers to automate complex decisions across organizations and their supply chain. An extension of traditional product lifecycle management solutions, Rulestream's RPM technology ensures that business decisions incorporate the most up-to-date product-based intellectual property. It allows subject matter experts to easily capture rules about requirements, best practices, and capabilities for all product-centric business operations.

Rulestream customers include General Electric and The Babcock & Wilcox Company, innovators like Fresno Valves & Castings, Interior Concepts, Lytron, Campbellrhea and S.A. Armstrong.

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