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ROMeo v3.0 integrates with plant's control infrastructure and facilitates construction of large models. Sensitivity analysis tool allows users to study cause-and-effect relationships between any input and output variable. With flow sheet modularity, engineers can import and export segments of flow sheet or copy and paste desired sections. XML-based reporting sub-system and Excel-based offline case analysis interface enable dissemination of information.

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SimSci-Esscor Announces Next-Generation Rigorous Online Modeling and Optimization Solution

ROMeo 3.0 New Features to Provide Enhanced Usability and Integration with Plant Control Infrastructure

LAKE FOREST, Calif., June 30, 2004 -- SimSci-Esscor, an operating unit of Invensys Systems, Inc., today announced the release of ROMeo 3.0, the next-generation of its online plant modeling and optimization solution for process facilities. Offering unprecedented new features and improved functionality, the solution enables easier implementation of optimization applications to allow plants to operate more closely to their maximum profitability.

Designed with enhanced usability in mind, ROMeo 3.0 provides an advanced modeling environment for experienced application engineers as well as novices. The new features offer easy integration with a plant's control infrastructure and facilitate uncomplicated construction of large models.

"To maintain a competitive advantage, a process plant requires a powerful solution that engineers can easily maintain on a daily basis to optimize processes, improve product yields and provide consistent quality," said Alastair Fraser, SimSci-Esscor's vice president of simulation, optimization and advanced process control. "With the help of our customers, SimSci-Esscor identified the features that were most critical to helping plants achieve these goals and added them to ROMeo, making it one of the best-in-class optimization solutions for the market."

The solution includes a new sensitivity analysis tool that allows users to study the cause-and-effect relationships between any input and output variable. Plants can use these tools to calculate the impact of variable inputs against their optimization objective function as well as to validate the results of the optimizer with advanced process control and planning systems.

With improved flow sheet modularity, engineers can import and export segments of a flow sheet or copy and paste desired sections of a flow sheet to allow easy development or troubleshooting of large models. Users can also treat a block diagram like a dynamic collection so it can be managed much like a sub-flow sheet.

ROMeo includes a flexible new XML-based reporting sub-system and Excel-based offline case analysis interface that enables easy dissemination of information, as well as a wider use of SimSci-Esscor's simulation technology across different functions in the plant. Engineers have the flexibility to create custom report templates and view select variables that are embedded on the process flow diagram or via the Web. The Excel-based off-line case study tool allows even novice users to run "what-if" case studies with ROMeo by providing direct access to all ROMeo model variables without requiring any programming experience.

The new component lumper and de-lumper feature enables users to lump components to reduce the total number in a stream or de-lump them back to their original set according to predefined rules. ROMeo also incorporates a new OPC captive historian and trending feature that allows direct access to raw plant data and the ability to average and trend data within the ROMeo environment. ROMeo 3.0 is immediately available through SimSci-Esscor's electronic software distribution Web site at

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