Software provides online identity authentication.

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Utilizing Geocate and GNT technologies, Geocation(TM) detects physical location of Internet user in real-time. Geocate technology tracks, learns, and predicts user's networking activities with adaptive artificial intelligence engine. GNT utilizes adaptive triangulation technique to detect time-to-distance information to and from end user to determine probability of a user's location. Applications include e-commerce, advertising, phishing detection, and online gaming.

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FINDbase(TM) Announces Powerful New Solution for Online Identity Authentication

Geocate & GNT Technologies Provide Increased Accuracy for Fraud Control Systems

TWAIN HARTE, Calif., Feb. 3 - FINDbase(TM), a California- based technology development company, today announced the launch of Geocation(TM), the most advanced solution available to authenticate the geographic location of Internet users. Geocation is the action of using two FINDbase technologies, Geocate and GNT, to detect the physical location of an Internet user in real-time. The combination of these radically different techniques is the only solution that overcomes major shortcomings of other widely used geolocation programs such as triangulation and IP mapping.

"Providing accurate information regarding the physical location of Internet users is critical in fraud control systems," said Ian Nandhra, President of FINDbase LLC. "Utilizing Geocate and GNT together during an online transaction is the most reliable way to find out if a website visitor really is who they claim to be."

Geocate is the world's first non-IP mapping, non time-to-distance network location technology. IP addresses are unique numeric identifiers for each computer or device on a network. The increasing number of IP address combinations in use has grown too large for current or imminent technologies to map to a physical location. Unlike other geolocation technologies, the Geocation applications do not map IP addresses, but track, learn and predict a user's future networking activities with an adaptive Artificial Intelligence (AI) engine.

GNT is an adaptive triangulation technique (ATT), which detects time-to- distance information both TO and FROM the end user. Similar to global positioning systems (GPS), GNT uses this time-latency information to determine the probability of a user's location.

Together, GNT and Geocate provide businesses accepting online credit card payments with the highest degree of confidence in where an Internet user is located. Knowing where the account is being accessed is an essential part of profiling the user's login behavior that in turn can be used to identify potential security violations.

"Knowing who and where a website viewer is located means you can personalize marketing messages, locate spammers, track online gamers, identify people downloading copyrighted music, directly combat phishing and much more," expounded Nandhra. "The applications for our Geocation technologies are endless."

Geocation has widespread applications for e-commerce, advertising, phishing detection, online gaming and much more. To obtain additional information about Geocate please visit

About FINDbase LLC
FINDbase LLC was founded in 2000 by a team of professionals who share the vision of developing industry-unique solutions that solve the problems of information sharing, identification and collaboration. Based in California, FINDbase's two radically different techniques, Geocate and GNT, provide the only real solution that addresses non-mapping geolocation and all associated issues.

The FINDbase range of products also includes emSorter for distributed email content management, categorization, search, bogus (phishing) detection and INFOtector that protects data from systems accessing your computer by profiling access behavior.

All FINDbase products are covered by pending patents in the USA and in other countries. Visit FINDbase online at For more information about FINDbase products please visit,, and

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