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Providing detailed information, Remote Queue Manager v3.0 help users manage printers and print jobs from single desktop or print server. It enables users to learn status and number of jobs for each printer, as well as preview documents along with their properties. From program's main window, it is possible to copy or move print jobs between printers. Users can also configure event logs and notifications for both local and remote clients.

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Network Print Management: A Boon for Your Office

The latest improvements in Remote Queue Manager by UsefulSoft help easily manage printers and print jobs from a single desktop or a print server. It provides detailed information and allows preview and preference edit for each printed document.

UsefulSoft announces the release of the latest major upgrade to its renowned Remote Queue Manager Pro. This potent print job manager dramatically extends printout management options and allows better control of print workload across networks. With its help, users can not only learn the status and the number of jobs for each printer, they can also easily manage print jobs and preview documents along with their properties. Whether a print server or a desktop, your system can access and manage printers and their pending jobs from a single program's window.

"Remote Queue Manager allows closer control over what and when is printed in a network," says Alex Egorov, CEO of UsefulSoft. "The network support makes it most effective for print workload balancing. The print server settings cover everything from port configurations to the paper size and the printer drivers. You can also configure event logs and notifications for both local and remote clients. As a result, a print management system responds to emerging problems faster and better provides for cost control. On the other hand, Remote Queue Manager v3.0 offers a clear, intuitive interface and can replace the standard spool in a local system. The benefit of such replacement is a wider access and better management of print jobs in the queue. Users will see more detailed information including the number of pages, size, colour, and other print settings. It is possible to preview any file in the queue before it is sent to the printer. Moreover, you can export a print job into a file in case of inadvertent changes to the original. So, both corporate and home users can benefit from Remote Queue Manager."

Remote Queue Manager combines easy print management and file preview options. Available from both the context menu and the toolbar, instant preview gives access to all print jobs in a network. The preview window shows a print job in an image format. Here you can also export the job to a file. Besides, in a separate window you can edit the job's properties including priority, scheduled time and receivers of notification. Just one copy of Remote Queue Manger on a client or a server allows coordinating print jobs of a whole office. From the program's main window it is possible to copy or move print jobs between printers. This should balance the workload and ensure smooth, unbroken performance on printers across a network. The remote printer control provides additional management capabilities. It allows changing the status of a printer from the same program's window.

If you want to keep an eye on what and when is printed on your network, if there's a need for files to be accessible while they wait in a queue in the spool or elsewhere on the net, try the improved version of Remote Queue Manager and feel the difference.

Remote Queue Manager Features at a Glance
- Remote control for any network printer;
- View of the status and the detailed list of jobs for each printer;
- Copy and move support for print jobs in a network and locally;
- Preview of a print job with page selection and zoom support;
- Property edit for any print job;
- Print job export into EMF, WMF, BMP, and JPG;
- Print server detailed configuration;
- Detailed print job information (name, number of pages, number of copies, size, time and date, paper size, priority, colour mode, duplex mode, print job data type, position in a queue, ID);
- Intuitive user interface with multiple language support (English, Hungarian, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese.

Pricing and Availability
Remote Queue Manager runs under Windows 2000/2003/XP and costs $39.95 (USD) for a single-user license. The company offers a flexible discount policy for bulk orders (for details please refer to Moreover, as a part of the launch campaign, UsefulSoft offers a coupon for 10% off the regular. All registered users are entitled to free life-time support. A full-functional trial version is available at

About UsefulSoft
Established in 2000, UsefulSoft is known by its product line for printout management. The line unites print quota managers, log keepers, and other tools for effective printout management and cost control (Print Ghost, Property Editor, Print Censor, and Remote Queue Manager).

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