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Combining MSC.Nastran, Marc, Dytran, and LS-Dyna into integrated multi-discipline solution, MD Nastran enables customers to work with single common data model in place of multiple models for uncoupled discipline analysis using multiple single point tools. True HPC 64-bit (ILP) and shared memory parallel/distributed memory parallel support for large/complex model management and optimization allows for more design iterations.

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MSC.Software Introduces MD Nastran for Multidiscipline Simulation

MD Nastran Reduces Time-to-Solution Up to 50% Compared With Bundled Single-Point Simulation Tools

SANTA ANA, Calif., Feb. 2 -- MSC.Software Corp., the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions, today announced MD Nastran. MD Nastran combines the best-in-class technology platforms including MSC.Nastran, Marc, Dytran and LS-Dyna into one fully integrated multidiscipline solution for the enterprise.

"MD Nastran allows customers to transition from single point simulation tools to an integrated enterprise solution in the same environment they have used for years," said William J. Weyand, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer, MSC.Software Corporation. "Additionally, MD Nastran transitions from simulating how a design will perform to how the product will perform."

"With MD Nastran, MSC produces an enterprise class solution that will provide simultaneous multidiscipline system level simulations to accurately represent real life scenarios -- MD Nastran obsoletes single point simulation tools," said Donald H. Brown, chairman, Collaborative Product Development Associates, LLC (CPDA).

MD Nastran can reduce the time-to-solution up to 50% when compared with bundled single-point simulation tools because customers can now work with a single common data model in place of multiple models for uncoupled discipline analysis using multiple single point tools. Higher result accuracy can be achieved by increasing commonality through the use of a single model representation for multidiscipline analysis. MD Nastran also eliminates the silos of simulation technology that exist within today's enterprise environment, resulting in cost savings from the overall development investment.

Model complexity has led to the increased use of CAE simulation tools as indicated by an 11% growth in CAE simulation software & services spending in 2005 (Daratech Report). An enterprise simulation solution optimized for multidiscipline analysis accelerates time-to-market by enabling customers to perform linear, implicit nonlinear and explicit nonlinear all within the same simulation platform. Furthermore, MD Nastran accounts for the interaction across discipline domains to accurately model real life scenarios.

"More than ever, today's manufacturers need to perform interoperable multidiscipline analyses on growing models (parts ands assemblies) if they are to satisfy the high expectations of today's consumers," said Glenn Wienkoop, President and Chief Operating Officer, MSC.Software Corporation. "MD Nastran allows customers to address true multidiscipline problems with reliable performance predictions and results that approach real life."

"By offering MD Nastran as a single solver running linear, non-linear and explicit simulations in parallel, that the company says produces results 50% faster than its competition, MSC.Software is offering the market a powerful, much-needed, speedup that has the potential to greatly enhance inter-discipline innovation and accelerate time-to-market," said Charles Foundyller, CEO, Daratech, Inc.

Competitive advantage is the result of maximizing product innovation. MD Nastran enables more design iterations through its support of true HPC 64-bit (ILP) and SMP/DMP (shared memory parallel / distributed memory parallel) support for large/complex model management and optimization. The 64-bit port of MD Nastran can handle large and the continuously growing models of assemblies with millions of degrees of freedom with ease.

MD Nastran adds a powerful competitive advantage to product development processes that enables customers to innovate industry-leading products while trimming costs. For over 40 years, MSC.Nastran has been the industry de-facto standard and leader in CAE simulation. Now, MD Nastran, the only multidiscipline solution, leads the industry into a future that empowers customers with value-driven innovation.

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