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HFSS(TM) v9 3D electromagnetic design and analysis software creates microwave, RF, or high-speed digital components and systems. Capabilities are integrated within HFSS Desktop environment for complete support of 3D EM-based design. Desktop enables parametric design entry of all aspects of design, from geometry and material properties, to analysis control and post-processing. Analysis setup is intuitive, and high-level controls ensure that desired results are obtained.

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Ansoft Redefines High-Frequency and High-Speed Digital Design with the Introduction of HFSS v9: Revolutionary 3D EM-based Design-Flow Automation Shortens High-Frequency Design-Cycle Time

PITTSBURGH - May 28, 2003 - Ansoft Corporation (NASDAQ: ANST) today announced a new version of HFSS(TM), the electronic-design industry's standard software for 3D electromagnetic (EM) design and analysis.

Thousands of engineers worldwide use HFSS to design leading-edge devices, such as radio frequency (RF) and microwave components, antennas and arrays, high-speed integrated circuits (ICs), printed circuit boards (PCBs) and IC packages. HFSS significantly reduces engineering time while improving the performance and reducing the manufacturing cost of these devices.

"Ansoft has done an incredible job with all of the enhancements in HFSS v9," said Bernard Schmanski, of BAE Systems and HFSS v9 beta tester. "The increased functionality helps to simplify model generation and analysis, leading to a very positive overall experience."

In today's demanding economy and highly competitive marketplace, companies must continually look for ways to improve productivity and time-to-market. The enhancements in HFSS v9 will provide RF/microwave and high-speed digital component engineers with the ability to enhance these metrics. In addition to its long-established accuracy, HFSS v9 provides impressive advances in design-flow efficiencies previously unavailable to these designers.

"HFSS v9 provides unmatched precision in a powerful and intuitive environment for creating microwave, RF or high-speed digital components and systems," said Brad Brim, Ansoft's Product Marketing Manager for HFSS. "Advances in data management and design automation make v9 the most versatile electromagnetic design solution available."

All HFSS capabilities are integrated within the HFSS Desktop, an environment for complete support of 3D EM-based design. In addition to having the intuitive look and feel of Microsoft Windows(R), the desktop features a graphical project tree that offers a familiar style of access to the continuous HFSS design flow. And with AnsoftLinks(TM), users can integrate HFSS into existing EDA and mechanical CAD (MCAD) design flows, with links to tools from Cadence(R), Mentor Graphics(R), Synopsys(R) and Zuken(R). To integrate back into external design flows, accurate broadband circuit models are available to support HSpice(R), Spectre(R) RF, PSpice(R) or Ansoft's Maxwell(R) SPICE. Fully parametric circuit models also are available to support efficient high-frequency circuit design in Ansoft Designer(TM) and other circuit and system design tools.

The HFSS Desktop enables parametric design entry of all aspects of the design, from geometry and material properties, to analysis control and post-processing. The software's powerful solid-modeling capability, with its parametric nature and high-performance graphics, saves significant engineering time for design capture. Analysis setup is intuitive, and high-level controls ensure that desired results are obtained in a completely automated manner. With Ansoft's Optimetrics(TM), optimization and parametric sweeps are automated and are easily accessed from the same project tree within the desktop. These design techniques are augmented by sensitivity and statistical analyses, which automate design for manufacturing by applying the implicit parameterization of HFSS.

HFSS has several mechanisms that allow engineers to tailor the design flow to their organization's needs. Windows, dialog boxes, toolbars and even menu items may be user defined through configurable defaults to support individual preferences. Users have flexible access to interface commands through the main menu, toolbars, the project tree and context-sensitive menus. Additionally, the customization and control of all aspects of HFSS is available through scripting via Visual Basic(R) and JavaScript(R). Scripting also supports a powerful macro recorder for non-programmers. This control may be used to define parameterized geometries, implement custom analysis flow or control design flow from start to finish.

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