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Steeplechase VLC v7.0 facilitates creation of industrial control projects. Connection tree lets users add defined interface cards, devices, and I/O tags, while Connection Editor provides interface and device definition/configuration pages as well as ability to map I/O tags to available device points. Target Manager lets users implement one version of control project and target it to different systems. PLC-type logic scan is capable of sub-millisecond scan times.

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Steeplechase VLC Version 7.0 Features Major Enhancements

Harrisburg, Pa. - Phoenix Contact, a leader in the development and manufacture of specialized electronic components and connection systems, announces availability of Steeplechase VLC 7.0 with major enhanced usability features. Version 7.0 lets users create their control projects easier than ever through improvements like the Connection tree and Connection Editor-an entirely new method for defining devices-that simplifies device and I/O definition and maintenance. This new technique is completely backwards compatible with projects developed using older versions of the Steeplechase VLC Control Designer.

The Connection tree lets users quickly add and visualize defined interface cards, devices, and I/O tags. Icons in the tree appear in different colors to let users know at a glance whether or not an interface or device has been configured. The Connection tree is intimately linked to the Connection Editor that provides interface and device definition and configuration pages. It also lets users easily map I/O tags to available device points. Together, the Connection tree and Connection Editor dramatically improve development productivity-from development, through debugging and system maintenance.

Steeplechase VLC 7.0 is now available on ILC 350 and S-MAX series of embedded controllers from Phoenix Contact. Users now have complete scalability with one control environment-from simple ILC 350 VLC blind nodes, to blind and integrated panel S-MAX VLC controllers that support both Citect HMI and Iconics MachineWorX, to full PC-based control using the latest industrial PCs. With Target Manager, another breakthrough feature added to Version 7.0, users can implement one version of a control project and target it to different systems.

Steeplechase VLC is the proven leader in PC-based flow chart control software. It offers unique PLC-type logic scan capable of sub-millisecond scan times and intuitive flow chart programming that accelerates design cycles, installation, and system launch. Integrated diagnostics improve troubleshooting and decrease downtime.

Steeplechase VLC supports complete programming capability using simple commands embedded in flow charts, and a common tag database for motion and HMI functions. Steeplechase VLC supports PID control with the number of loops limited only by the complexity of your application, and the most complete motion control available on the market. And, Diagnostic Decision provides an automatic program generation capability that saves time, improves program readability, and maximizes machine and process uptime.

Steeplechase VLC's open architecture provides unparalleled I/O support that includes over 25 drivers with support for all major I/O network families. In addition to ILC 350 VLC and S-MAX VLC embedded controllers, Steeplechase VLC works seamlessly with Phoenix Contact controls and industrial PCs. It also provides an open platform for any environment with any mix of I/O.

With Steeplechase Transaction Express, users get total corporate integration. Transaction Express provides HMI-independent access to Steeplechase VLC runtime data. Users can write files, read and write databases, or transfer data between PCs using Microsoft Message Queuing (MSMQ) with Transaction Express.

Phoenix Contact acquired Steeplechase VLC and Think & Do products when it purchased Entivity, Inc. in August 2004. Phoenix Contact Inc., with headquarters in Middletown, Pennsylvania, is an independent subsidiary of Phoenix Contact GmbH & Co. KG of Blomberg, Germany which operates 38 subsidiaries around the globe and employs more than 7,000 people. Annual global sales are in excess of 720 million Euro ($1 billion). The company and its subsidiaries remain privately held.

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