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Using Advanced Encryption Standard, ESafeFile(TM) v4.2.3 creates encrypted, password-protected self-extracting files, and automatically encrypts/zips email attachments/messages to ensure reduced file size and secure delivery. It works with Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, and other MAPI based email programs. Multiple files can be placed in single attachment and selectively extracted, and attachments can also be customized with company logo for professional appearance.

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CDX Technologies Releases ESafeFile(TM) Software for File and Email Security

April 3, 2008

CDX Technologies is pleased to announce the release of version 4.2.3 of ESafeFile(TM), its file and email security software. ESafeFile uses the secure AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) and is an easy-to-use, cost-effective approach to file and email protection. A fully functional evaluation program can be downloaded at

"Other security programs that require digital certificates or ongoing subscriptions have their place, but can be expensive and complicated to use," says CDX Technologies president Bill Hughes. "ESafeFile is a simple and effective alternative for securing files, email messages and attachments which might otherwise just go unprotected."

ESafeFile creates encrypted, password-protected self-extracting files. The program automatically encrypts and zips email attachments (or entire email messages) to reduce file size and provide secure, fast delivery. Multiple files can be placed in a single attachment and selectively extracted. The email recipient does not have to install special software or download encryption keys. Attachments can also be customized with a company logo for a professional appearance that assures the sender is genuine.

ESafeFile works with Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express, as well as other MAPI based email programs. There's no need to learn a new mail program or share your data with a web-based encryption email service. The program includes contact management that can store and retrieve data for multiple email recipients. This includes the ability to save user-generated passwords for data encryption with each contact, allowing for more complex and more secure password strings.

AES encryption used by ESafeFile has been approved by the National Institute of Standards and Technology, and is the current encryption standard of the U.S. National Security Agency.

Encryption of sensitive files and emails now goes beyond protecting information such as trade secrets or company confidential data. According to Hughes, both small and large businesses are grappling with how to comply with regulations such as Gramm-Leach Bliley and HIPAA which mandate the protection of financial and medical records. "The requirements will continue to grow as similar laws are passed in other countries," he says. "And considering the potential for email interception or even malicious dissemination, we expect that data encryption using an application like ESafeFile will become a routine event for many computer users."

CDX Technologies sells software and services solutions for client data exchange. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Hughes Financial Services, Inc. of Randolph, New Jersey. For more information, please call 1-877-CDX-TEC1 (1-877-239-8321) or email

Company Name: Hughes Financial Services
Address 1: Two West Hanover Avenue
Address 2: Suite 212
City: Randolph
Zip: 07869
Country: United States of America
Phone: 973-895-5542


Contact Name: CDX Technologies
Organization: Hughes Financial Services
Title: CDX ESafeFile

For more information or to schedule an interview, call Ian Carroll at 973-895-5542.

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