Software provides email archiving for Lotus environments.

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Designed to run on all Lotus Domino platforms 6.x or later, Active Archiver v6.3 provides content filtering, policy enforcement, and archiving capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to storage management, content discovery, and compliance. Software archives documents and/or attachments to specified storage and provides audit trail of all activity performed on archived messages. It manages email lifecycle as well as requirements for retention and recovery of email.

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Nayatek Announces Release of Active Archiver V6.3 for Lotus Domino

LUXEMBOURG, GRAND DUCHY OF LUXEMBOURG - 21 May 2007 NAYATEK, a global provider of enterprise Compliance and Security solutions, announced today that it had released Active Archiver v6.3 for Lotus Domino. Active Archiver v6.3 provides extensive content filtering, policy enforcement and archiving capabilities to companies addressing issues relating to storage management, content discovery and compliance within IBM Lotus Domino.

Active Archiver v6.3 improves methods for end-users and/or delegates to view and access their personal archives. In this version, administrators can specify icons to be displayed for archived emails and/or attachments. This allows users to easily and immediately identify which of their emails have been archived within the mail database. In addition, access to archives can be delegated to other persons such as compliance/security officers to conduct audits and reviews of users' archives.

Customer need for a comprehensive Email Archiving & Compliance solution is at an all time high. The sheer volume of email traffic places an enormous burden on organizations of all sizes. Furthermore, increasing regulatory and legal pressure places new demands on all organizations to retain email for minimum periods of time and their ability to quickly produce emails and information in response to human resource, business, regulatory and other legal and evidentiary requests. Email contains critical business information and knowledge and emails continue to "live" in terms of their liability to an organization long after they have been deleted.

"Active Archiver is full featured best of breed Email Archiving solution designed specifically for Lotus Domino environments that provides superior value yet does not impose unnecessary complexities and hidden costs upon the customer," said Peter Eicher, Senior Product Manager, Nayatek. "While it can easily scale up to the largest Domino environments, Active Archiver is also a great tool for smaller organizations that face the same compliance challenges as major global enterprises."

Active Archiver for Domino v6.3 Key Features & Benefits
- Easy, non-intrusive Lotus Notes-based installation
- Runs on all Domino platforms 6.x or later with no Domino architectural changes required, including Microsoft® Windows®, IBM® AIX®, Linux®, Sun Solaris, IBM i5/OS(TM), IBM z/OS®, and Linux on zSeries®
- Archive documents (messages) and/or attachments to specified storage
- Automatically manage email lifecycle from cradle to grave
- Manage compliance requirements for the retention and recovery of email
- Reduce Legal Liability and Legal Discovery Costs
- Comprehensive audit trail of all activity performed on the archived messages
- Store archived data in its native form eliminating the need for proprietary applications
- Powerful and customizable searching of message, subject, body and attachments
- Customizable Policy Enforcement and Storage Management
- Enforce restrictions on mailbox sizes, attachment sizes, message content and message delivery
- Comprehensive Reporting on specific usage data, age, size and content of messages

To learn more about Nayatek's Active Archiver for Domino v6.3 or to evaluate the solution please visit Nayatek's web site:

About Nayatek
Nayatek with its headquarters in Luxembourg with offices and field presence throughout EMEA is a global provider of enterprise Compliance and Security solutions designed to specifically assist organizations to ensure the security, integrity and privacy of their messaging and electronic document resources and to maintain objectively verifiable, robust procedures to comply with industry regulations.

Nayatek is the next genesis and continuation of the vision, energy and direction of the core international leadership team who previously built, grew and drove Sybari Software to be a recognized global best of breed and innovative company until its acquisition by Microsoft in June 2005. Nayatek brings substantial Messaging Security, Management and Archiving product and market development expertise to its drive to develop cutting edge solutions and dedication to strong client relationships and satisfaction.

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