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Bluefire Mobile Defender(TM) includes firewall that filters inbound/outbound traffic and blocks spoofing and redirection; unauthorized connections and hijacking; and malware-generated networking and data transfers from device. It also features behavioral antivirus, SMS/MMS spam blocking, and remote device wipe that erases all user-identifiable data. Protecting Windows Mobile 5.0/6 and Palm OS devices, it supports CDMA, EV-DO, GPRS, EDGE, HSPDA, UMTS, and WLAN networks.

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New Bluefire Mobile Defender Offers First Mass Market Mobile Security Solution

Generates Consumer & Business Revenues for OEMs, Carriers & Application Vendors

SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 24 / / -- CTIA -- Bluefire today unveiled Bluefire Mobile Defender(TM), the first mobile security solution designed for mass-market consumer and enterprise deployments. The software equips handset manufacturers, wireless operators and mobile application providers with a robust, standalone mobile security platform that addresses the burgeoning use of mobile online services among consumers as well as business users, leaving smartphones and other handheld devices vulnerable to viruses and other threats.

Bluefire Mobile Defender combines a network-grade stateful firewall with behavioral anti-virus, spam blocking and other features that provide multi-layered protection without requiring user authentication, encryption or server-based updates that are impractical for mass market deployments. The software can be embedded, bundled or offered as a downloadable upgrade to mobile devices or services, providing a full range of implementation options.

The platform gives partner licensees a strategy for differentiating their products and services, generating incremental revenues from security upcharges, and reducing malware- and other security-related customer service calls. It also provides an opportunity to create new revenue streams from enterprise customers that do not require an advanced mobile security solution with authentication, logging and policy control.

"Mobile security threats are no longer limited to the enterprise, yet until now mobile security solution providers including ourselves have focused exclusively on the enterprise market," said Mark Komisky, Bluefire CEO. "Bluefire Mobile Defender extends mobile protection to the tens of millions of personal, business and converged users who are hopping on the mobile Internet, providing an easy-to-deploy safety net that runs in the background without the need for user intervention or technical knowledge."

Today, according to IDC, 80% of smartphones and wireless devices are purchased by consumers rather than corporations or government agencies. Frequently these devices are used for both personal and business purposes. At the same time, expanded mobile functionality has provided more opportunity for malware, malicious attacks and data theft as users send and receive email, view news and traffic reports, download files such as games and ringtones, upload photos to their preferred photo storage or social networking sites, and in some cases access business applications from their handhelds.

Building on Bluefire's experience in delivering enterprise-grade mobile and wireless security solutions to the enterprise market, Bluefire Mobile Defender provides a comprehensive software suite that combats vulnerabilities including mobile spam sent by text messaging, viruses carried in corrupt email attachments, and theft of private information such as bank account numbers and passwords caused by hacking or physical loss of the device. Components include:

o A dynamic stateful firewall that allows users to safely browse and
download web-based applications without touching security settings;
intelligently filters inbound and outbound traffic; and blocks
spoofing and redirection, unauthorized connections and hijacking, and
malware-generated networking and data transfers from the device.

o Behavioral anti-virus that prevents specific behaviors such as worm or
virus propagation on a device infected by viruses or malware. The
Bluefire platform also quarantines malicious code and deletes it where
possible without requiring storage space for large signature libraries
or bandwidth for constant updates.

o Application blocking and integrity monitoring that protect the mobile
device against malicious applications distributed through text
messages, email attachments or websites, including those that allow
hackers to pilfer personal information from the handheld. These
features also protect core OEM assets from attack or tampering.

o Intrusion prevention that scans inbound network packets to identify
and block multi-packet attacks as well as other malicious intrusions.

o SMS/MMS spam blocking that permits users to set allowed messages by
user and caller ID. This whitelist/blacklist approach protects users
from unwanted messages and associated messaging charges.

o Remote device wipe that prevents identity theft by erasing all
user-identifiable data on the device, including call history, web
browser history, contacts, text messages, picture, audio and video,
with an SMS command sent by the end user from a website or a different
mobile device.

Specifications and Availability

Bluefire Mobile Defender can be used to protect Windows Mobile 6, Windows Mobile 5.0, and Palm OS devices, with other platforms to be added quickly after initial release. It supports CDMA, EV-DO, GPRS, EDGE, HSPDA, UMTS and WLAN networks to provide global cellular as well as wireless network coverage. It has a footprint of less than 1MB, has no noticeable effect on processor performance or network throughput, and has been optimized to minimize battery usage. It is scheduled to ship in the first quarter. For more information, visit

About Bluefire Security Technologies, Inc.

Bluefire provides complete security solutions for smartphones and wireless devices used in both the consumer and enterprise markets. Products designed for enterprise deployments range from Bluefire Mobile Security(R) Enterprise Edition, the industry's only fully integrated security solution including authentication, encryption, integrity monitoring, firewall, logging and central management, to Bluefire Mobile Security(R) VPN, an IPsec compliant VPN that secures data-in-transit for smartphones. Products designed for mass market applications include Bluefire Mobile Defender(TM), a complete standalone solution for consumers and business users that provides new revenue opportunities for OEMs, carriers and mobile application providers. For more information, visit or call (410) 637-8160.

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