Software provides customizable, 2D metrology solution.

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Designed to integrate with optical comparators, toolmaker's microscopes, and video-based metrology systems, Quadra-Chek 5200 runs on PCI Axis Card and adopts Windows XP OS. Basic/Advanced switch lets user define and customize operator skill level, while Integrated Profile Measurement feature lets users import CAD file and analyze form of measured part without assistance from third party software. Users can also set up workspaces customized for specific functionality.

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Metronics Introduces Quadra Chek 5200, a New Generation of 2-D Metrology Software

New system offers substantial performance increase and ease-of-use, for same or less cost.

Bedford, NH, USA. (December 12th, 2005) -- Metronics Inc., the world's leading developer of software and digital readout devices for metrology applications, has introduced Quadra-Chek 5200 (QC5200), a two-dimensional (2D) software suite designed to integrate with optical comparators, toolmaker's microscopes and video-based metrology systems. QC5200 substantially improves on the performance of its predecessor, QC4000, while retaining its ease-of-use, feel, familiarity and proven user-friendliness.

The QC5200 incorporates many improvements and new features. In addition to adopting the Windows XP Operating System, the new software runs on the PCI Axis Card (current standard among PC cards). The QC5200 features a Basic/Advanced switch that allows the end-user to define and customize the sophistication or skill level of the operator. Another unique feature is the ability to tailor the QC5200 for multiple users and applications by setting up "workspaces" that are customized for specific functionality.

The QC5200 offers Integrated Profile Measurement, a feature that enables users to import a CAD file and analyze the form of the measured part with no assistance from third party software. The QC5200 Software is configured to allow the Windows desktop to display across two monitors, with the image view on one side and auxiliary software packages being displayed and integrated from the other monitor.

More powerful report generation has also been added to the software suite. The system enables multiple views of data and utilizes a "what-you-see-is-what-you-get" graphic interface that prints a duplicate of the screen view.

The company also reports that users will be pleased the QC5200 system will cost no more than the previous generation and in some cases, even less. As a further incentive, Metronics is offering generous credit to users who upgrade from QC4000 to the new QC5200 program.

Quadra-Chek Software supports industries that require precise measurement and inspections. The software reflects a deep understanding of user needs and a uniform work process model that supports operators at every stage of the measurement process. Metronics Software leads the industry in programming and automation innovations that improve operator productivity, reduce errors, and save time and money.

Founded in 1983, Metronics Inc. develops metrology software and digital readouts for measuring and inspecting 2D and 3D components. Metronics' manufacturing center and headquarters are located in Bedford, NH, U.S.A. For more information on the Quadra-Chek 5200 and related software and systems, please visit , contact your Metronics distributor or Bill Chambers at Metronics, P.O. Box 5760, 30 Harvey Road, Bedford, NH 03108-2440, 603-622-0212. You may also reach Mr. Chambers by e-mail at

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