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GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform utilizes Data Protection Framework that provides security and management services on scalable client server infrastructure. Data protection is offered through hard disk encryption, removable storage encryption, and device control enabling administrators to set user access controls for ports and devices. Protected log-ins for endpoints are automatically synchronized with directory credentials.

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GuardianEdge Announces Data Protection Platform for Enterprise Endpoints

New Platform Provides Unprecedented Scalability for the Largest Enterprises, Makes Endpoint Data Protection Applications Easy to Install and Manage

SAN FRANCISCO, March 19 // -- GuardianEdge Technologies Inc., a leading provider of data protection software for government and enterprise organizations, today announced the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform, the first enterprise-class solution for managing the protection of information on endpoint devices. This Data Protection Platform is comprised of the GuardianEdge Data Protection Framework, which provides the required security and management services on a scalable client server infrastructure, and three core data protection applications: GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption, GuardianEdge Removable Storage Encryption and GuardianEdge Device Control. With the introduction of the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform, IT administrators now have a common set of security and management services for deploying, monitoring and managing multiple endpoint data protection solutions.

"Some security research suggests that more than one-third of data breaches reported worldwide were caused by the loss or theft of a laptop computer. Often overlooked, endpoint devices can be an Achilles heel in enterprise IT security," said Jon Oltsik, senior analyst at Enterprise Strategy Group. "In the past, ease of management proved to be a barrier to entry for companies looking to deploy solutions to protect information on laptop computers, desktop computers, tablet PCs and removable storage devices. The GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform can help enterprises to cut the costs associated with the management of solutions from different vendors while providing a framework for a complete endpoint data security infrastructure."

The GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform minimizes the costs of administration and support, and reduces the potential for data security gaps through the alignment and integration of data protection policies. Whether machines are lost or stolen, or unauthorized individuals attempt to compromise data through malicious activity, the platform ensures that the organization's critical information is secure.

The platform relies on the GuardianEdge Data Protection Framework to enable enterprise-grade security and management services including user registration and management, policy administration, client audit and reporting, and data/encryption key recovery. Organizations can use their existing directory services infrastructure to manage user profiles, encrypted computers, encryption keys and other application-specific data, without the need to make changes to the directory schema. The Data Protection Framework eliminates the overlap and redundancy that can result from building this infrastructure around multiple uncorrelated data protection applications. This approach enables administrators to have the control and visibility necessary to administer data protection.

The complete GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform includes the following product offerings, each of which target specific solution functionality and share the common management and security services provided by the Data Protection Framework. These solutions can be deployed on their own, or together for comprehensive endpoint data protection:

o GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption: By delivering strong pre-boot
user authentication and full disk encryption, this solution ensures
a premier level of protection against the compromise of sensitive or
proprietary information, in the event of loss or theft of a
o GuardianEdge Removable Storage Encryption: Users frequently transfer
data via removable storage devices, but these can easily be lost or
stolen. This solution automates file encryption for data
transferred from desktop and laptop PCs to removable storage
devices, such as USB thumb drives, iPods, etc. Thereby, protecting
its contents and taking the burden off the IT security staff.
o GuardianEdge Device Control: Administrators can set policy-based
user access controls for ports and devices. These access control
policies enable organizations to restrict the transfer of data
between enterprise computers and removable storage devices, or to
block access to these mobile devices altogether.

"Portable computing devices leave large gaps in the overall enterprise security posture, making it easy to remove sensitive information without anyone's knowledge," said Alan Fudge, President and CEO of GuardianEdge. "We've all seen the effects of enterprise data breaches scattered across the headlines. The GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform is the enterprise solution to this problem -- designed to be quickly deployed, easily managed and to seamlessly integrate into the existing IT infrastructure of the world's largest enterprises."

The GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform provides a fully-integrated approach to implementing a broad suite of data protection controls. To streamline the end-user authentication process, the GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform removes the administrative burden of maintaining an independent database of user names and passwords for applications by leveraging the existing enterprise infrastructure for strong user authentication and access control. End-user log-ins for endpoints protected by GuardianEdge applications are automatically synchronized with their directory credentials, ensuring that enterprise endpoint access controls are governed by credentials and privileges established within the enterprise directory service.


The GuardianEdge Data Protection Platform will be available in the second quarter of 2007. Please call (800) 440-0419 or visit for more information.

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GuardianEdge Technologies, Inc. is a market leader in endpoint data protection for the enterprise. More than two million users around the world depend on GuardianEdge solutions to safeguard sensitive and proprietary information, to ensure compliance with regulations for maintaining consumer privacy and to enable secure enterprise mobility. The company's endpoint data protection solutions have been deployed by leading organizations including Lockheed Martin Corporation, Deutsche Bank AG and Humana Inc., as well as numerous agencies in the U.S. departments of Veteran Affairs, Defense, State and Education. For additional information, please visit:

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