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DiamondTEK Security Manager helps deliver secure information sharing within and between business units and across organizations by creating and managing virtual networks, communities of interest/trust, and secure P2P communications. With it, organizations can centrally manage policies for groups or individual users and manage all IP-based resources and data sources over wired and wireless communications. Solution seamlessly integrates with existing enterprise directory solutions.

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Cryptek, Inc. Announces Release of New DiamondTEK Policy Manager at the Gartner IT Security Summit

WASHINGTON, June 4 - GARTNER IT Security Summit - Cryptek announced today the upcoming release of their DiamondTEK Security Manager. Cryptek's DiamondTEK products enhance secure information sharing within and between business units and across organizations. The DiamondTEK Security Manager, in collaboration with other DiamondTEK products, deliver secure information sharing by creating and managing virtual networks, communities of interest/trust, and secure peer-to-peer communications. By deploying DiamondTEK products, organizations have the ability to centrally manage policies for groups or individual users based on their roles and community membership, as well as the ability to manage all IP-based resources and data sources over both wired and wireless communications. The DiamondTEK Security Manager seamlessly integrates with enterprise directory (LDAP V3 compatible) solutions to leverage existing investments. It is also designed to support other open-standards such as SOAP for integration into the existing management infrastructure and provide extensibility to meet the customers changing needs for policy based access to information.

"Our patented technology provides customers with the flexible and responsive secure information sharing capabilities needed in today's business environments," stated Bill Anderson, CEO & President of Cryptek. "We have worked very hard to deliver the ability to minimize the time and resources required to meet demanding and frequent changes in business relationships, trading partners, and community membership while maintaining uncompromising security."

"We are excited about our newest version of the DiamondTEK Security Manager and the enhanced features we can deliver to our customers," stated Tim Williams, Chief Technical Officer for Cryptek. "It will aid companies looking to gain a competitive advantage. Gartner research concludes, 'Companies can gain advantage by sharing sensitive information outside of the corporate boundary, but substantive collaboration requires a highly trustable digital environment. New technologies that transcend the existing infrastructure represent a rapidly growing opportunity.'" Williams notes, "Cryptek's DiamondTEK solutions are currently delivering these types of advantages for multiple customers."

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ABOUT CRYPTEK: Cryptek, Inc., a privately held manufacturer and solutions integrator, is recognized as an industry leader of dynamic and trusted identity and access control solutions and TEMPEST products. With over 20 years of experience in developing and delivering security solutions, Cryptek has worked with numerous DoD & Civilian agencies. Partnered with the industries top software and hardware manufactures, Cryptek offers customers advanced security solutions to meet their ever growing needs. Current Cryptek solutions have been awarded a Common Criteria EAL 4 rating and numerous cryptographic module evaluation certificates as part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Federal Information Processing Standards Publication (FIPS PUB140). For more information, please visit the Cryptek web site at

Gartner Research, January 30, 2007. The $10 Billion Market for Communities of Trust by Jay Heiser.

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