Software promotes collaborative product design.

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With 64-bit support of CATIA portfolio on MS Windows, CATIA v5.16 facilitates product development and promotes collaboration with suppliers. Inclusion of PLM product information expands scope of open 3D XML format. Additional capabilities enable 3D-only paperless design-to-manufacturing and streamline product development via VPM Navigator by enabling seamless management and sharing of design process information. Software also integrates DELMIA simulation technology.

Original Press Release:

CATIA V5.16 Accelerates Collaborative Product Design

CATIA V5.16:

Accelerates product development with 64-bit support of the CATIA portfolio on Microsoft Windows.
Promotes collaboration with suppliers with the new SMARTEAM Reconciliator.
Expands the scope of the open and extremely lightweight 3D XML format by including additional PLM product information.
Enables 3D-only paperless design-to-manufacturing, with significant improvements in the ability to capture and share engineering requirements.
Extends CATIA Machining Solution's technology leadership by integrating proven DELMIA simulation technology through ISO code-based, realistic NC machine simulation.
Streamlines product development with the VPM Navigator by enabling seamless management and sharing of more advanced design process information.
Provides the only end-to-end, fully integrated composites solution on the market with highly specialized composites parts manufacturing applications from market leaders to complement the CATIA V5 offering.

Process-centric: V5.16 accelerates product development processes such as relational design and optimization with 64-bit support of the CATIA portfolio on Microsoft(TM) Windows(TM). Taking full advantage of superior 64-bit memory capacity, V5.16 empowers customers to create and analyze even the largest and most complex products.

V5.16 extends CATIA Machining Solution's leadership by integrating proven DELMIA simulation technologies through ISO code-based, realistic NC machine and material-removal simulation, reducing lead-time from programming to production.

V5.16 strengthens virtual product simulation, enabling customers to experience and validate their products. In particular, V5.16 improves the analysis assembly process, further promoting concurrent engineering across the extended enterprise.

Collaborative workspaces: V5.16 promotes collaboration between business partners working with ENOVIA or SMARTEAM. It fosters relational design across the supply chain with the new SMARTEAM Reconciliator, facilitating company interaction for concurrent engineering. V5.16 expands the usefulness of the open and extremely lightweight 3D XML format, designed specifically for fast and efficient 3D communication about the virtual product, with additional Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) product information.

V5.16 enables 3D-only paperless engineering design to manufacturing planning. Significant improvements in the ability to capture and share engineering requirements within the 3D model enable the full consumption of the design intent, further ensuring final product compliance to engineering specifications

Product, process, resource (PPR): V5.16 streamlines product development by strengthening the single desktop for designers to search and navigate, to communicate and collaborate, and to control and propagate. In V5.16, engineers can seamlessly manage and share more advanced design process information with the VPM Navigator, further facilitating formalized concurrent work processes.

Knowledge: Resulting from collaboration with industry leaders, V5.16 makes it easy to interactively capture and reuse corporate business process knowledge. This release further facilitates the use of engineering process knowledge using the Business Process Knowledge Template application, further increasing productivity in design generation.

Component Application Architecture (CAA) V5: V5.16 provides the only end-to-end, fully-integrated composites solution on the market. Third-party market leaders have chosen the powerful and flexible open V5 architecture to develop highly-specialized applications for composites parts manufacturing, complementing the CATIA V5 offering.

Planned availability dates
December 2, 2005, CATIA V5.16 Solutions
January 13, 2006, CATIA Web-based Learning Solutions V5.16

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