Software preserves CAD data when imported into CAM.

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FeatureCAM 2005 utilizes Import Wizard to streamline import and placement of part files. Users are guided through process with options for machining direction, stock size, machining zero, and center of rotation. Native file import opens CAD part files directly in FeatureCAM, preserving design intelligence contained in CAD file. Software automatically recognizes machinable CAD data for all holes when SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor part files are imported.

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EGS Releases FeatureCAM 2005 with Expanded Integration for CAD Design and CAM Productivity

IMTS 2004 - Booth D-3037

Salt Lake City, UT - June 18, 2004 - Engineering Geometry Systems announces the release of FeatureCAM 2005, to be demonstrated in Booth D-3037 at the IMTS 2004 Show in Chicago, Illinois, USA, from September 8 to September 15. Already a leader in feature-based machining and ease of use, FeatureCAM 2005 introduces a higher level of data integrity and communication when CAD design files are imported into CAM. Preserving the CAD data inherent in a design file is critical to manufacturing the best parts. FeatureCAM 2005 helps customers meet this requirement with its new Import Wizard, advanced hole feature recognition, and expanded CAD importing.

Streamlined CAD File Import
The new Import Wizard streamlines the import and placement of part files, making it quick and easy to begin programming parts immediately. The wizard steps users through the entire process with several useful options that establish the following:

o Machining Direction - Machining direction is established first, independent from the zero position. The machining direction can be established using any number of qualities from the imported part data. Then the method to align the Z-axis to the part is chosen and the part is placed into the proper orientation for machining.

o Stock Size - Customers can easily place the part within a specific stock size. The stock can comprise virtually any shape: rectangular, round, a casting, etc. A specific stock size is entered for standard stock, or the actual size of the solid model can be used to determine the most appropriate stock size.

o Machining Zero - After establishing the machining direction and stock size, customers can choose the part program zero location. By setting up the machining direction and stock size first, the part program zero can be located on the stock rather than the part itself. Any location can be chosen - a corner or the center of the stock, the center of a hole, a location on a solid model, etc. Handy tools make it easy to choose the most common stock locations (lower left, top right, bottom center, and so on).

o Center of Rotation - For 4th axis indexing, the Import Wizard transforms the part automatically, making it much faster to set up a 4-axis part.

Robust Hole Feature Recognition
When solid models are imported, most CAM systems easily recognize the holes' shapes, but lose the additional CAD data required to machine the hole. FeatureCAM 2005 automates the machining of holes by automatically recognizing the machinable CAD data for all holes when SolidWorks and AutoDesk Inventor part files are imported. All information required to make each hole is extracted - the location of the top and center of the hole, the hole depth, any thread information - and then included in the FeatureCAM part file.

Continuously Updated CAD Data Transfer
Native file import opens CAD part files directly in FeatureCAM, preserving all the design intelligence contained in the CAD file. FeatureCAM 2005 now offers the direct import of native Unigraphics 11 to 18 and NX files, in addition to an already extensive list of popular CAD packages. FeatureCAM continuously strives to provide the most current direct transfer capabilities for industry-leading design file formats. In addition to Unigraphics, customers can open the following types of part files directly in FeatureCAM:
o SolidWorks 2004 and earlier
o Pro/E Wildfire
o AutoDesk Inventor 8 and earlier
o AutoCAD 2004
o CATIA V5 and V4
o SolidEdge v15 and earlier
o Pro/E 16 through 21, 2000i, 2001i2, and 2001
o STEP AP203 and AP214

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About FeatureCAM and Engineering Geometry Systems
Engineering Geometry Systems develops and markets FeatureCAM® CAD/CAM software, which combines powerful feature-based technology with ease of use. Fast and efficient, FeatureCAM automatically creates operations from part features containing all of the necessary machining parameters. FeatureCAM products provide a full range of CAD/CAM solutions including FeatureMILL2.5D®, FeatureMILL3D®, FeatureTURN(TM), FeatureTURN/MILL(TM), FeatureWIRE(TM), FeatureRECOGNITION(TM), Solid Modeling, Tombstone Machining, 5-Axis Positioning, and Native CAD Imports. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Engineering Geometry Systems distributes FeatureCAM products through a worldwide network of independent dealers. For more information about FeatureCAM or for a free evaluation copy, please call 1.888.393.6455 or visit

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