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QualNet v4.5 modeling and simulation software features Sensor Network Library supporting Zigbee standard at PHY and MAC layers. Urban Propagation features include suburban terrain and 3D visualization as well as outdoor urban path loss and urban/suburban foliage simulation. Also included are models for mesh networking, battery energy consumption, energy consumption control, IP over MPLS, and dead reckoning mobility.

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Scalable Network Technologies Announces Release of QualNet 4.5

- Zigbee Capable, Enhanced Network Security, Parallel and Urban Enhancements, and Additional Models and Updates -

LOS ANGELES, March 17 / / - Scalable Network Technologies, Inc. (SNT), the leader in wireless network evaluation, announced the release and availability of QualNet 4.5, the newest update to their flagship software product. QualNet is high-speed, high fidelity modeling and simulation software for predicting wireless, wired and mixed-platform network and networking device performance. Since introduction in 2000, QualNet has defined a new category of evaluation tool that meets the demand for real-time, real-network performance testing for today's sophisticated wireless networks. Customers include major aerospace and defense contractors, the US Department of Defense, mobile network operators, research agencies and universities.

Enhancements to QualNet 4.5 include a new sensor network library for Zigbee, new Information Assurance/Network Security Library, parallel updates, new models and updates to current models.

"As our customer base expands, we are seeing increasing demand for QualNet's ability to provide a perfect digital representation of network components," explains Dirk Eastman, SNT's Vice President of Sales. "When you run a network test with QualNet Developer 4.5, hardware, software and system users can't tell the difference between a real system component and its virtual replacement. This enables limitless opportunities to test and evaluate designs throughout the maturity/realism continuum. Customers are seeing benefits in training, design, and operations applications."

New Sensor Network Library (Zigbee)

QualNet's new Sensor Network Library is a much-awaited feature set that supports the Zigbee (IEEE 802.15.4) standard. The new Zigbee models exist in QualNet at the PHY and MAC layers.

Urban Propagation Enhancements

New capabilities to simulate urban propagation include suburban terrain and 3-D visualization, outdoor urban path loss, and urban/suburban foliage.

New Information Assurance/Network Security Library

The new Information Assurance (IA) Library is an important addition to QualNet's current rich collection of network models. Networks that include mobile nodes are particularly vulnerable to attack due to their higher degree of autonomy, more dynamic network states, and open accessibility. For instance, a mobile ad-hoc network (MANet) will generate incorrect network information that must be interpreted by sophisticated network protocols. Erroneous out-of-date network information from a legitimate node may look similar to information generated by a compromised node.

The QualNet IA/NS Library is a toolkit with models that encrypt, authenticate, manage key distribution and certificates, secure neighbors, and mimic adversaries.

Parallel Enhancements

QualNet 4.5 has enhanced support for parallel execution in all interfaces, including the Network Emulation Interface (IPNE). Also included is a utility API for keeping track of real-time status.

Other New and Updated Models

Additional new models in QualNet 4.5 include IEEE 802.11s (mesh networking), battery energy consumption, energy consumption control, IP over MPLS, and Dead Reckoning Mobility. Updated models include IEEE802.16 MAC (WiMAX), IEEE802.11 MAC, Dual IP, Abstract Cellular, ARP, Packet Tracer, OLSR v2, Satellite, DiffServ, MessengerApp, TrafficGen, and Network Emulation Interface Library (IPNE).


QualNet 4.5 is available and ready for download. A detailed list of QualNet 4.5 updated features can be downloaded at: alNet4-5_featurelist.pdf. For more information on Scalable Network Technologies, Inc. or a free 30-day trial of QualNet Developer software, contact Lucinda Brown, 310/338-3318,

About QualNet - the Software Virtual Network

QualNet Developer is a new category of testing/development tool that exercises networks, network elements, and users in ways that legacy modeling and simulation software cannot. QualNet is ultra high-fidelity evaluation software that digitally represents an entire network, including every variable that will affect the performance of the real network - devices, communication links, transmitters/antennas, terrain and atmospheric effects, and human interaction/operation. QualNet's digital representation of networks is so accurate that no user or connected component can discern whether it's connected to the emulated network, or the real network.

QualNet offers unmatched platform portability and interface flexibility. Sequential and parallel processing environments on Unix, Windows, Mac OS X and Linux operating systems are supported, and it links seamlessly with other simulation applications and real networks.

Source: Scalable Network Technologies, Inc.

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