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Suited for home and corporate users, Actual Window Manager v4.2 helps users maintain clear workspace structure of desktop. Window placement can be restricted by specifying rectangular area within which window may be moved and can be applied to all windows or just particular ones. Supporting document-oriented applications such as MS Word and Excel, software allows users to configure settings for particular documents by using window title.

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Limit Windows Freedom, Not Yours - with Actual Window Manager 4.2!

Actual Tools, the innovator in desktop enhancement technologies, announces today the release of Actual Window Manager 4.2. This is the newest version of a desktop-enhancement suite that enables users to organize the workspace of the desktop in a more user friendly way.

This release introduces two new options: windows placement restrictions and enhanced support for document-oriented applications, such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Internet Explorer. Users will be able to multitask more conveniently with documents, tables, and sites.

The work of the windows placement restrictions is based on the following principle: the user specifies a rectangular area, within which a window may be moved but not go beyond its boarders. The restrictions may be set up for all windows or a particular one.

In case of necessity, the restrictions may be disabled on the fly, which gives an opportunity to move a window to any place of the desktop in accordance with the demands of a concrete situation. When the restrictions are enabled, the window will occupy the allowed area automatically. Some of the examples for the use of this option are as follows:

A. You can use the restrictions option to define a vertical column on the desktop that will contain all available shortcuts by specifying restrictions for all windows.

B. You can specify separate non-overlapping areas for the windows of contact-lists of various instant messengers, such as MSN, ICQ, or AIM.

Another novelty in Actual Window Manager is support for document-oriented applications. This option allows you to configure specific settings not only for application windows, but for the windows with particular documents by the window title. Thanks to this, users, who work daily with a constant set of sites, may place the Internet Explorer window with a particular site into a definite place on the desktop automatically. This option is great for organizing the desktop into the familiar workspace. Coupled with the restrictions option, it can keep the chosen desktop pattern automatically by restricting undesirable movements of windows on the desktop.

Actual Window Manager 4.2 provides an excellent opportunity to organize and keep a strict and clear workspace structure of the desktop. The software will benefit a wide spectrum of customers, including both home and corporate users. It will help organize workplaces in call centers, network operations centers, trading companies, stock exchanges and banks.

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Actual Tools is a technology company that specializes in desktop enhancement applications for the Windows OS. The company was founded in 2001 by software engineer Michael Tretyakov. Providing innovative solutions and services, Actual Tools helps people, both home and corporate users, innovate and increase their computational efficiency. Actual Tools is the author of such top sellers as Actual Title Buttons, Actual Transparent Window, Actual Window Guard, Actual Window Menu, Actual Window Minimizer, and Actual Window Rollup. For more information about the company and its products, visit

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