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Software optimizes e-tailer shipping knowledge, processes.

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Jun 18, 2008 - In addition to automating shipping for all major carriers, Devix Integrated Shipping Optimizer (DISO) helps online retailers (e-tailers) create compliance labeling, reporting, and electronic manifesting. Solution also lets business owners shop for best rates and process detailed shipping analytics - shipping activity, cost analysis, and future shipping trends/queries - in real-time. This, in turn, allows clients to offer rules-based rate/time shopping to their customers.

Devix Corporation - Jersey City, NJ

Original Press Release

Devix Corporation Introduces New Integrated Shipping Optimizer for Clients

Press release date: Jun 05, 2008

JERSEY CITY, N.J., June 5 -- Devix Corporation, the creators of the only true end-to-end eCommerce platform on the market, today introduced the Devix Integrated Shipping Optimizer (DISO) to all its clients. The new feature allows e-tailers to not only automate shipping for all major carriers but will also empower business owners with the ability to shop for the best rates and process detailed shipping analytics in real time.

The main feature of DISO provides e-tailers with robust Multi-Carrier Compliance. Devix clients will have the ability to automate shipping for all major carriers as well as create compliance labeling, reporting and electronic manifesting.

Additionally Rate Shopping functionality enables e-tailers the ability to rate shop. DISO provides all the information necessary to obtain the best shipping rate for every package shipped. The best carrier can be determined by cost, time, weight, zone, zip code etc.

In addition DISO allows clients to offer rules based rate/time shopping to their customers as a feature. The functionality both empowers and improves the customer shopping experience while allowing e-tailers to know the actual shipping cost before advertising a product on their site or other channels.

DISO then allows Devix clients to turn raw shipping data into applicable analytics. DISO produces standard and custom reports for analysis and charge-back purposes. Other informational data available in real time includes, shipping activity, cost analysis and the enhanced ability to identify future shipping trends and queries.

"With the economy in flux and gas prices continuing to soar resulting in higher shipping costs, e-tailers must make intelligent shipping decisions," said John Massaro, VP of Product Management. "DISO will allow business owners to make real-time shipping decisions based on data that will directly result in improved margins."

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