Software optimizes business-critical processes.

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WebSphere® Business Modeler v6.0 products provide business modeling, simulation, and analysis capabilities that help to visualize, comprehend, and document business processes. Collaboration capability enables team to define business models and eliminate inefficiencies. Users can model business processes and then deploy, monitor, and take actions based upon KPIs, alerts, and triggers for continuous optimization. Business processes are linked with strategic corporate objectives.

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Version 6.0 of the IBM WebSphere Business Modeler Family of Products Provides Unrivaled Business Modeling, Simulation, and Collaboration Capabilities to Revolutionize Business Flexibility

At a glance
WebSphere Business Modeler products let you model and optimize your business-critical processes:

Understand and transform your business through superior business modeling, simulation, analysis, and collaboration capabilities.

Define situations and situation outcomes in order to have key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics drive appropriate and timely actions.

Analyze simulation results to determine how to correct problem areas in your models, such as bottlenecks and workload imbalances.

View animated step-by-step simulation flows of real-time data. Simulation snapshots are available for reference.

Improve process design through fact-based simulation.

Anticipate market changes, and make process improvements to have your business stay flexible and adaptable.

Generate reports from your models or simulation results using a wide variety of predefined report templates, or create your own custom reports.

Optimize all of your business processes before deploying them, and drive higher ROI and customer satisfaction.

Document your business processes for regulatory compliance.

Ensure rapid and accurate deployment of your solutions with a clean hand-off to IT.

WebSphere® Business Modeler products help organizations fully visualize, comprehend, and document their business processes. Rapid results can be obtained through the collaboration functionality, where subject matter experts team to clearly define business models and eliminate inefficiencies. You can model business processes, then deploy, monitor, and take actions based upon key performance indicators (KPIs), alerts, and triggers for continuous optimization. Business processes then get tightly linked with strategic corporate objectives and honed as required. WebSphere Business Modeler products can drive much more granular business insight and knowledge, where knowledge equates to competitive advantage.

WebSphere Business Modeler products can serve to close the gap that exists between an organization's business units, and IT's understanding of the business drivers. IT requirements for defining a system will be well articulated, since both are utilizing a common framework, implemented through an Eclipse 3.0 shared workspace. Given that a business process is a defined set of activities leading to specific results, modeling them assures that your best practices are well documented and communicated. With this simple-to-use modeling and simulation tool, those who best understand the business can model critical business processes. Accurate business modeling is the starting point for successful IT deployment.

WebSphere Business Modeler helps you precisely model those aspects of the business that matter the most. The business measures editing function allows you to define the KPIs and metrics for your organization. When modeling your information assets, the information model will provide a view of your data, and its exact use within a business process. The resource model allows you to identify all of the different resource types so they can be associated directly to the model. The swimlane view can be used to visually display the model according to role, resource, organization unit, and classifier. You can both view and edit models in the swimlane view.

Key prerequisites
Windows 2000
Windows XP

Planned availability dates
November 30, 2005 - V6.0 electronic delivery
December 16, 2005 - V6.0 media

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