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Available to organizations participating in Empower program, SimXpert helps speed system level simulations and allow companies to build, share, and execute best practices for simulation standardization throughout enterprise. It features highly integrated solver and pre/post processing environment, including MD Nastran. Companies can maximize productivity through use of templates, automation, multi-discipline common data model, and native CAD interoperability.

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MSC.Software Announces SimXpert, a Revolutionary Multi-Disciplinary Simulation Environment, Available Through Its Empower Program

SimXpert Empowers Engineering Analysts to Template Best Practices, Improving Product and Development Costs and Time to Market, Enabling Organizations to Accelerate Innovation

SANTA ANA, Calif., Sept. 5 /-- MSC.Software, (NASDAQ:MSCS), the leading global provider of enterprise simulation solutions including simulation software and services, announced today that the company's revolutionary SimXpert solution is now available to organizations participating in MSC.Software's Empower Program. MSC has created this program to enable strategic customers to begin taking advantage of the benefits of enterprise simulation -- an emerging approach to engineering analysis.

SimXpert, available at this time through the MSC exclusive Empower Program, is an advanced, next-generation multi-disciplinary CAE environment that provides comprehensive depth and functionality to speed system level simulations and allow companies to build, share, and execute best practices for simulation standardization throughout the enterprise. Using SimXpert companies can gain tremendous productivity improvements through the use of expert templates, automation, a multi-discipline common data model, and native CAD interoperability that eliminates the need for data translation.

"The vision behind enterprise simulation provides a glimpse into the future of CAE. More and more, simulation allows businesses to leverage their engineering knowledge and get more out of their supply chain as well," said Charles Foundyller, CEO of Daratech, Inc., a leading provider of information technology market research and technology assessment. "CAE spending is expected to top more than $2.4 billion in 2006 and contributed more than 21% to the PLM market total of $10.5 billion in 2005. This market is expected to continue to grow annually and CAE will be a strong contributor to that growth rate. With the introduction of SimXpert and SimEnterprise, MSC has seized the initiative in the enterprise simulation market."

Designed specifically for the expert engineering analyst, SimXpert is a component of MSC's recently announced SimEnterprise product suite that enables open connectivity between designers, analysts, and other simulation stakeholders for a highly collaborative simulation ecosystem, allowing each stakeholder to work within their preferred environments. SimXpert features a highly integrated solver and pre/post processing environment, including MSC's MD Nastran, which provides exceptional simulation efficiency. The SimXpert component of SimEnterprise leads to significant return on investment by accelerating the speed and accuracy of simulation; automating simulation processes and tasks; capturing knowledge, and radically improving the analysis process and therefore business productivity and innovation.

SimXpert provides the tools needed to extend global engineering processes to the enterprise and supply chain level through SimXpert's Template Studio, SimTemplates, which enables expert analysts to author simulation best practices and standards for global enterprise use as well as to capture simulation knowledge and perform quick task automation. Once created, these SimTemplates can be managed by MSC's SimManager as well as shared with a variety of role-based users, including design engineers with MSC's SimDesigner, to drive simulation capabilities further upstream in the product development process. With SimXpert, companies can also subsequently scale and share simulation best practices that have been developed throughout the global engineering enterprise and with all points of the supply chain.

"In order for businesses to improve the effectiveness of their simulation activities, it is important for them to capture and share their best practices across the enterprise," said Ed Miller, president of CIMdata, a global PLM-related consulting and research firm. "MSC's release of SimXpert is consistent with this market need. A key focus of SimXpert is to support the capture of process knowledge from simulation experts so that it can be applied both repetitively and by a wide range of other less experienced users. This fits the market trend of providing more managed support to an area previously viewed primarily as an art and can enable serious enterprise value."

Using SimXpert through MSC.Software's Empower Program, companies can:

o Align SimXpert enterprise simulation benefits with their engineering processes for faster return on investment (ROI).

o Enable analysts with advanced, multi-discipline simulation capabilities including Structures, Motion, Thermal and Crash analysis.

o Empower top expert analysts to build simulation gold standards and best practices for reuse across global engineering teams.

"With Empower, businesses can experience the power and productivity of not only SimXpert, but the SimEnterprise integrated product suite, to analyze, evaluate and gain first hand familiarity to the benefits that an end-to-end solution can deliver," said Bill Weyand, chief executive officer of MSC.Software. "The ability for companies to be a part of the Empower program brings substantial first-mover advantages into the future of enterprise simulation, enabling our customers to stay one step ahead of their competition as well as work hand-in-hand with MSC to shape the future direction of the product."

The Empower program is open for a limited time and designed to provide strategic-minded customers with access to SimXpert. Created to provide a head-start for participating companies, Empower begins with classroom style training sessions that familiarize participants with the multi-discipline workspace concept, SimXpert simulation capabilities, and SimTemplates best-practice template creation and execution. The training includes hands-on learning opportunity leveraging the customer's own simulation scenarios. Participants will also receive on-site and global technical support, access to a private web forum monitored by MSC.Software developers and support engineers, early exposure to the direction of planned MSC enterprise simulation solutions and the opportunity to influence enhancements and functionality of SimXpert.

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