Software offers interactive 3D visualization authoring tool.

Press Release Summary:

Anark Studio 3.0 provides power to deliver interactive 3D product visualization, training, communication, and game development applications. Users can create applications with thousands of highly interactive objects, and load XML into presentation for dynamic access to external data source. Software provides drag and drop components, interactivity without scripting, and sharp text that seamlessly integrates with 3D objects.

Original Press Release:

Anark Corp Brings Advanced Interactive 3D Visualization Authoring Solution

In line with their program of providing premier 3D visualization technology, Anark Corp. released Anark Studio 3.0 at Boulder, Colorado on February. Anark Studio is the flagship product of Anark Corp. and the release of its version 3.0 is considered a major update of the industry's most advanced interactive 3D application authoring environment.

May 24, 2005 - Anark Corporation's release of Anark Studio version 3.0 last February was considered as a major version update that provides the power to deliver enterprise-class interactive 3D Product Visualization, Training, Communication and Game Development Applications. According to Charles Goran, President of Digital Rain Online Entertainment and Health Training organization, Anark Corp.'s Anark Studio is light years beyond the typical 3D model spinner. Thus, its major update, represented by Version 3.0 allows for the most complete, powerful and cost-effective solution for organizations dealing with enterprise-class 3D applications.

The company's previous Anark Studio version has already been awarded and recognized as a powerful and intuitive 3D authoring tool. It has been adopted and tested by thousands of Anark Corporation customers, including market and institutional leaders like Boeing, Matsushita Avionics Corporation (MAS), Lockheed-Martin, US Army, USAF, Purdue and the CAD Center. Version 3.0 is expected fare equally as its previous versions.

Anark Corporation gave several of Anark Studio 3.0's enhanced capabilities during their introduction. Here were several of the new capabilities available from Anark Studio 3.0:

o Large Scale 3D Applications - users can create applications with thousands of highly interactive objects with ease. They are also allowed to seamlessly manage the complexity of enterprise-level needs.

o Faster Workflow - compared to previous versions, productivity in version 3.0 increased to over 80% . This only shows that Anark Studio is the fastest method of building large-scale interactive 3D presentations on the market.

o Enterprise-Class Connectivity - Anark applications have XML and Playback Module support that gave it tighter integration into existing data sources.

These enhanced capabilities allow users to intuitively and rapidly create interactive 3D applications with unrivaled visual quality. Anark's customers can also cost-effectively develop and deliver powerful product visualization, training and marketing-communication applications by just utilizing CAD or other 3D assets.

Anark Corp. provided for Anark Studio 3.0 to contain dozens of major new features. These features were now being driven by customers working on mission critical projects in aerospace, manufacturing, game development and defense.

o Text - sharp text that integrates seamlessly with user's 3D objects
o Drag and Drop Components - users can easily add pre-built buttons, menus, and other useful components to their presentation
o XML - enables users to load XML into their presentation for true dynamic access to external data sources
o Playback Modules - it can stream fully interactive components during run-time into the presentation
o Actions - even without scripting, it can rapidly add interactivity.

Anark Corporation has added Anark Studio 3.0 as a part of the Anark Media Platform. It is a complete suite of Anark Products that enable development and delivery of large scale interactive 3D applications, cost effectively. It consists of Anark Studio, Anark Client, Anark Client SDK and Anark Format SDK.

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