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Capable of indexing documents at 15-30 GB/hr, SearchInform v2.3.01 includes support for over 50 popular text file formats and ability to index and search in ThunderBird mail client messages, Microsoft Instant Messenger, and ICQ logs. SearchInform technology enables search of documents of similar content, while phrase search with attention to stemming and synonyms dictionary is also provided.

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The New Version of SearchInform


SearchInform Technologies has announced the release of a new version of SearchInform - a program of full text search and search of documents of similar content. In this new version of the program the indexation process is greatly enhanced while the list of mail clients accessible for indexing was extended. There have also been some functional changes which made the program more convenient and user-friendly.

New functions of SearchInform 2.3.01

The program's functions have been significantly enhanced thus making the program more convenient to work with. Now SearchInform saves files for indexing added by the user in a separate file, which let's you save their support even after reinstalling the program. The organization of system file storage was also optimized.
Another innovation had to do with the indexing process: SearchInform 2.3.01 now supports search in ThunderBird mail client messages, mIRC messages are available for indexing and browsing of MS Outlook messages has been optimized.
There have also been improvements in SearchInform Corporate Enterprise, which lets you index all of the available information from all the computers in the local network of the organization and puts it all together in a single database. Documents on disks, information systems, e-mail messages, instant messaging programs like MSN and ICQ - all that is processed and used in the query search.

SearchInform 2.3.01 main functions:
o Phrase search with due attention to stemming and synonyms dictionary
o A new SearchInform technology of similar document search
o High indexing speed (from 15 to 30 Gb/hour)
o Index size of no more than 15-25% of the actual text information volume
o Support of over 50 popular text file formats, electronic messages Outlook and TheBat, mp3 and avi tags, as well as Microsoft Instant Messenger and ICQ logs.
o Flawless operations with archives
o Universal data sources (indexing of DBMS fields and various information systems)

About SearchInform Technologies
SearchInform Technologies was founded in 1995 and has been operating in the area of information technologies with special focus on searching, storing and processing information. The range of company's products is quite large and encompasses from mass production of single user-oriented products to ready business solutions to be integrated into corporate systems. Beside that, owing to its extensive experience in various projects, the company offers its services on developing custom information systems of any complexity.

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