Software offers ERP-CAD data integration.

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Bidirectional ERP-CAD connector Agni Link integrates SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) databases. When SolidWorks document is saved, user can edit data shared between SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta). Software can process and synchronize SolidWorks Part, Component, and Assembly data, as well as Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) Bills of Materials, Routing Instructions, Sales Quotes, Work Orders, Estimation, and/or Customer Data.

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ERP-CAD Data Integration System for SolidWorks CAD and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) ERP Ships

Quebec, Canada, October 24, 2007 - Elmo Solutions (, the leader in ERP-CAD data integration, announces the immediate availability of Agni Link

(, a live, bidirectional ERP-CAD connector for SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta).

Agni Link is a SolidWorks add-in that provides real-time, bidirectional integration with Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta). Agni Link is the only application of its kind that offers a unique and reliable way to integrate SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) databases. Every time a SolidWorks document is saved, after automatically resolving discrepancies between ERP and CAD data, Agni Link allows the user to edit data shared between SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) using possible values obtained "live" from Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta). Upon end-user confirmation, data is updated in both the SolidWorks document and the Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) database, thus ensuring perfect synchronization of both data sets and completely eliminating redundant data entry. Agni Link can process and synchronize a wide range of data from either environment, including, among others:

o SolidWorks Part, Component and Assembly data

o Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) Bills Of Materials, Routing Instructions, Sales Quotes, Work Orders, Estimation and/or Customer Data

o Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) Routing instructions

Yielding high Return on Investment, Agni Link typically pays for itself in 60-90 days. Elmo Solutions Science Officer, Ricardo Talbot said: "We are pleased - and very proud -to be able to deliver the most advanced and efficient method of integrating SolidWorks and Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) product data. Our customers' response so far has been most rewarding, and we are very excited about this new edition of Agni Link. We expect similar response on the upcoming release of Agni Link for SAP BusinessOne, which should be ready toward the end of calendar year 2007."

Agni Link is readily available from Elmo Solutions. Agni Link not only addresses the needs of SolidWorks users, but also those of Microsoft Dynamics/AX (Axapta) users, who share product data with them throughout the enterprise.

Established in 1979, Elmo Solutions is a leader in the creation, management and publishing of engineering documents and metadata. Elmo Solutions also offers a broad range of services related to ERP and CAD data integration.


Marie C. Arguin
Phone: (866) 522-3207 ext. 243

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Ricardo Talbot
Title: Science Officer

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