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Reflexion Total Control(TM) v5.0 (RTC 5) managed service blends protective addressing technology with traditional defenses to block spam in any language, phishing attacks, and other malicious email content, while ensuring delivery of desirable content from legitimate senders and providing users with pristine inbox everyday. It features private labeling, co-administration capabilities, Reflexion Outbound Mail Auditing, LDAP Directory Sync, diagnostic tools, and SMTP enforcement.

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Reflexion Total Control(TM) 5.0 Delivers Unparalleled Managed Email Threat Protection Services to Solution Providers Across the Globe

WOBURN, Mass. - May 15, 2007 - Reflexion Networks, a leader in email threat protection services for IT solution providers and ISPs, today announced the global availability of Reflexion Total Control(TM) 5.0 (RTC 5). RTC 5 is a managed service that blends innovative protective addressing technology with traditional defenses to block spam in any language, phishing attacks and other malicious email content, while assuring delivery of desirable content from legitimate senders and providing users with a pristine inbox everyday. RTC 5 underscores Reflexion's commitment to the channel with an enhanced solution that provides extensive partner branding, co-administration capabilities and outbound email auditing to protect customer reputations, enforce acceptable use policies and avoid blacklisting.

By blending traditional spam-blocking techniques such as whitelisting and content filtering with Reflexion's Protective Addresses, RTC 5 empowers solution providers with granular user control and configurability to address the widest range of client requirements. Protective Addresses, including RTC's Address-on-the-Fly(TM) feature, permit the use of more than one address for a single inbox, protecting one's primary address and avoiding false positives. A unique in-message control panel provides users with a simple means of updating their access preferences for a sender or an address, and enables users to see who is sharing their email address with third parties.

"Reflexion's high degree of configurability and granular user control enables us to quickly and effectively respond to the needs of our most demanding customers," said Tim Armacost, president of Visionary's Management Consultants, LLC. "RTC 5 includes advanced capabilities that solve tough problems, and our customers love the fact that the service includes added safeguards against email and business interruption. In the event a customer's local email server fails, Reflexion automatically queues incoming mail for delivery as soon as the server comes back online, without any hassles or worries about lost email."


RTC 5 provides new features that help solution providers expand their business by promoting their brand identity and serving their clients in new ways:

o Private Labeling - RTC 5 enables solution providers to feature their logos and messaging throughout the service, such as in welcome messages, the admin console and the daily quarantine digest, for brand awareness and viral marketing.

o Co-administration capabilities - RTC 5's data model supports the traditional channel hierarchy and provides on-demand provisioning. Solution providers are able to configure their clients and deploy them on Reflexion's infrastructure without waiting for assistance, alleviating the need to build and maintain their own infrastructure.

o Reflexion Outbound Mail Auditing (ROMA) - By screening outbound email and implementing rate-over-time volume limits, this new capability helps to protect the customer's online reputation and avoid blacklisting. Automatic alerts provide an early warning of client problems that may include open relay conditions and compromised zombie endpoints.

o LDAP Directory Sync - This new utility extracts users from any LDAP directory and imports domains, sub-domains, users and aliases for efficient deployment. Furthermore, any directory modifications, additions or deletions are automatically synchronized with RTC 5.

o Advanced diagnostic tools - A unified log indicates the status of both inbound and outbound mail, including whether a specific message was successfully delivered, or was deferred or failed, with the reason why.

o Performance Enhancement - RTC's processing speed has increased ten-fold. Enhancements such as SMTP enforcement block volume-based attacks prior to receiving data, which recaptures customers' bandwidth previously consumed in processing unwanted mail.

"RTC 5 recognizes the crucial role that solution providers and ISPs play in Reflexion's success," said David Hughes, Reflexion's president and CEO. "Our partners are leading the market's growing awareness of the power of Protective Addresses, and they can now do so with an advanced service branded as their own."

About Reflexion Networks

Reflexion Networks delivers a managed email threat protection service that provides users with unprecedented, proactive and granular control over their email for a pristine inbox every day. Reflexion Total Control stops spam and viruses, makes phishing exploits immediately self-evident, detects zombie PCs and open relays, and blocks directory harvest attacks using a highly configurable, layered defense with Address-on-the-Fly. The company offers its service through its worldwide partner network of solution providers and ISPs. Reflexion Networks is headquartered near Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, Reflexion is available on the Web at

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