Software offers control over freight operations.

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TOTALVision combines rate management, Internet tracking and tracing, and freight payment management into one system. It offers complete online shipment visibility, from order entry to carrier payment, and allows shippers to manage data, pinpoint cost-saving opportunities, and measure operational performance. Product can be installed in 60 days and integrates with existing TMS/ERP systems. Functions also include carrier inquiries and final delivery notification.

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Logistics Management Solutions Introduces TOTALVision

New Web-enabled program allows shippers to gain tighter control of freight operations

ST. LOUIS - Logistics Management Solutions (LMS), an information-based third party logistics provider, introduces TOTALVision, a Web-enabled program that combines rate management, Internet tracking & tracing and freight payment management into one, easy-to-use system. By consolidating these fundamental shipping functions, TOTAL Vision offers complete online shipment visibility - from order entry to carrier payment - enabling shippers to gain tighter control of their freight operations.

TOTALVision allows shippers to manage data more efficiently, pinpoint cost-saving opportunities and measure operational performance. Through easy integration with a shipper's order management system, TOTAL Vision becomes an online logistics data warehouse, coordinating the following tasks:

Rate Management
o Carrier inquiries
o Rate maintenance
o Batch rating
o Core carrier compliance reporting
o On-time delivery performance reporting
o Electronic route guides
o Shipment accruals

Internet Shipment Tracking & Tracing
o Up-to-the-minute shipment status
o Final delivery notification

Freight Payment Management
o Carrier payments
o Carrier inquiries - handled by LMS
o Reject resolution - handled by LMS

TOTAL Vision can be installed in as little as 60 days and easily integrates with existing TMS/ERP systems. Designed to complement a company's existing business practices, TOTAL Vision can be customized and requires minimal training.

Developed and supported by LMS, TOTAL Vision corresponds with TOTALExecution, LMS' transportation planning program. Together, these programs form TOTAL, LMS' proprietary transportation management system (TMS). TOTAL (Transportation Optimization Through Analysis and Leverage) is a Web-enabled TMS that significantly cuts transportation costs in as little as 60 days without a large investment or system commitment.

LMS is an information-based, third party logistics firm specializing in transportation optimization. LMS uses a variety of services and technologies to maximize their clients' operational efficiencies. Some of the world's best-known companies, including Emerson, Monsanto and BASF, turn to LMS for logistics consultation and implementation services. For more information, visit

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