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BACKTRACK(R) Crib Keeper helps tool room administrators control tools throughout their useful lifecycles. Tools are marked with barcode labels which are indexed to tool's master file that records all pertinent information including tool ID and description, date acquired, category, manufacturer, and serial number. Module produces series of reports including, Last Maintenance, Transaction by Date, Tool Inventory List, Transaction, and User List Report.

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MILWAUKEE and LILBURN, Ga. - April 10, 2002 - TEKLYNX® International today announced a new specialized software module as part of its BACKTRACK® Applications Library. Joining a list of other targeted applications, the BACKTRACK Crib Keeper tracking module helps tool room administrators control tools throughout their useful lifecycles. The module, created by BACKTRACK Certified Developer, Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies of Lilburn, is a pre-formatted template and user interface for the TEKLYNX BACKTRACK asset and inventory tracking software package.

The Crib Keeper module helps tool room administrators control hundreds or thousands of tools and supplies for manufacturing operations. The tools are marked with standard or special, ruggedized barcode labels that can withstand the hard use typical of manufacturing environments. The barcode is indexed to the tool's master file that records all pertinent information including tool ID and description, date acquired, category, manufacturer and serial number.

Tool room administrators can use BACKTRACK Crib Keeper to conduct routine physical inventories, as well as track tools with time and date stamps as they are checked out to employees or customers. The module can trigger tool and supply reorders based on pre-set inventory levels. It can also be used in multi-site environments to manage the movement of tools and supplies to different locations. A major benefit of the Crib Keeper is that it enables tool room administrators to track warranty and maintenance history to evaluate each tool's repair history and costs, and schedule preventive maintenance.

The module produces a series of reports, including:

Last Maintenance - lists the date of the last maintenance performed

Transaction by Date - lists all checked out items by date

Tool Inventory List - lists all tools and supplies in stock, the quantity on hand and the location

Transaction Report - lists all transactions or usage of tools and supplies (add, consume, move and restock)

User List Report - lists all employees who are authorized to use the system

"The Crib Keeper tracking module is an excellent example of the way that the BACKTRACK software package can be customized for specific industries," said Mike Strand, director of business development for data collection at TEKLYNX. "It combines the asset inventory, tracking and report writing required by tool administrators with accurate, easy-to-use barcoding. It lets administrators add automated tool and supply tracking without having to change the way they do business."

BACKTRACK asset and inventory tracking software is a comprehensive, flexible tracking system that includes a label designer, report designer and a series of databases for user, location and transaction history. BACKTRACK applications also have security settings to allow specific users access only to the data and reports that contain information that they are authorized to see. This helps ensure that administrators can limit information access to only those who have a need to know.

The BACKTRACK Applications Library

The application announced today is part of the BACKTRACK Applications Library - a series of applications for business, government and other organizations. The applications, developed by knowledgeable systems integrators and end users, are pre-packaged templates that allow users to quickly and easily implement fully developed solutions or use them as starting points for their own special tracking needs. In addition to the Crib Keeper application, the Library includes modules to track Information Technology (IT) assets, as well as modules for clinical labs, the law profession, manufacturing equipment tracking and maintenance, food handling, child protection and government agencies. All of the add-on applications are available for free at in the "Product Uses" section. The name and contact information of the developers are listed in the event that further information or consulting services are required. Application add-ons require BACKTRACK software version 4.4 or higher running on a personal computer with Microsoft Windows.

About Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies

Since 1983, Advanced Barcode & Label Technologies (ABLT) has been a pioneer in the labeling and tracking of products for the AIDC marketplace. As a manufacturer of industrial and bar code labels for product identification, barcodes for tracking solutions, and warehouse location labeling throughout the world, ABLT produced their first digitally generated label in 1986. As a solution provider, ABLT designed the first barcode asset tracking system utilized by the State University System of Florida in 1988. ABLT has been a partner of StrandWare, now a member of the TEKLYNX family of companies since 1995, both reselling the products and using them in their own production facilities. ABLT is headquartered in Lilburn, Ga. More information on ABLT is available at


TEKLYNX International is the leading software developer of automatic identification and data collection (AIDC) products including software for label design, host connectivity, and data collection. Its software products feature the widest range of device and driver support in the industry. TEKLYNX is a Microsoft Certified Partner and has connectivity relationships with multiple ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software providers. Over 200,000 companies in 120 countries rely on its integrated software solutions for supply chain automation, warehouse management, shipping and receiving, inventory control and asset management. The company is headquartered in Milwaukee with operations in the United States, Europe, Japan, Singapore, and Canada. More information on TEKLYNX International is available at

The TEKLYNX data collection software product offerings include the BACKTRACK application developed by StrandWare®. StrandWare, which was recently acquired by TEKLYNX, is a pioneer in the data collection industry with innovative bar code software products to help organizations cut costs by efficiently labeling, tracking and managing information. More information on BACKTRACK is available at


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