Software lets users exchange encrypted data confidentially.

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SafeGuard RemovableMedia v1.10 enables users to exchange data confidentially without installing encryption software. Administrators can set/manage individual access rights centrally, while mobile users can view encrypted data on all memory media everywhere in compliance with security guidelines. It protects data from unauthorized access to data source such as USB memory stick, memory card, external hard disk, diskette, or optical CD/DVD, even if storage medium is removed/lost.

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Utimaco Upgrade Lets You Exchange Data Confidentially, without Encryption Software

Wick Hill announces the availability of Utimaco Safeguard Removable Media Version 1.10

o A new function in the latest version of SafeGuard RemovableMedia 1.10 enables communications partners to exchange data confidentially, without needing to install encryption software

o Administrators can set and manage individual access rights centrally

o Mobile users can now view encrypted data on all memory media everywhere, in compliance with security guidelines

Wick Hill Release: Woking, Surrey: 4th June 2007 - Anyone using removable media will now find it easier to exchange encrypted data with colleagues or business partners, with Utimaco's SafeGuard RemovableMedia 1.10. The new SafeGuard RemovableMedia Portable function enables encrypted data to be exchanged without the need to install encryption software on the computer that is receiving and using the data.

SafeGuard Removable Media works via a drag&drop mechanism that does not need the usual administrator rights. The user inserts their removable data medium, that has been secured and encrypted using SafeGuard RemovableMedia, into a PC. They are then automatically prompted to enter their password, so they can gain both read and write access to the encrypted files.

No matter whether a USB memory stick, memory card, external hard disk, diskette or optical CD/DVD is used, SafeGuard RemovableMedia protects data from unauthorised access at all times, even if the storage medium is removed or is lost.

Any medium can hold either data which is entirely encrypted, or a mixture of encrypted files and plain text data, whichever option best suits your company's security policy. The administrator, working at the central management console, has the option of defining security policies that are restrictive and, at the same time, extremely flexible. They can, for example, specify whether or not the portable function can be copied to the removable storage medium.

A new feature in Version 1.10 is that key back-ups can now be used flexibly on any computer. Every key can now be stored securely on a network or on individual memory media and uploaded again if the PC is damaged in any way. As a result, users can easily exchange keys with each another. SafeGuard RemovableMedia's central logging functionality records the most important events, such as new key generation, key restoration, or any other change made to the security policy.

It also supports the distribution of company keys during setup, which means encrypted data can be exchanged quickly and easily within the company. In Windows Explorer every encrypted file is shown with an icon superimposed on it, which means a user can tell at a glance whether a file is encrypted.

"At present, four out of five mobile memory media have inadequate encryption. We discovered this in a world-wide survey of more than one thousand business users", explained Robert Zeh, Product Manager at Utimaco. "SafeGuard RemovableMedia provides this data security, not only in your own IT infrastructure but also, if needed, for all your communications partners and the removable media they use."

Ian Kilpatrick, chairman of Utimaco distributor Wick Hill Group,
commented: "Protecting against data leakage is of increasing concern many companies. Now there is a practical, inexpensive and easy-to-deploy solution."

SafeGuard RemovableMedia is now available in Dutch, English, German, and Japanese and runs under Windows XP, 2000 and 2003. The RemovableMedia software is not only designed to be a stand-alone solution but also the optimum addition to SafeGuard Easy. Depending on a customer's particular requirements, SafeGuard RemovableMedia can be implemented either as a single workstation solution or a company-wide license package. License customers can also pass SafeGuard RemovableMedia Portable on to their communications partners.

Price and availability
SafeGuard RemovableMedia is available now from Wick Hill and also forms part of other packages of solutions from the extensive SafeGuard portfolio. Prices for SafeGuard RemovableMedia start from GBP 30.21 SRP.

For more information about the Utimaco's portfolio of encryption solutions, go to

About Utimaco Safeware AG - The Data Security Company.
Utimaco is the leading provider for data security solutions. The Data Security Company enables mid-sized to large companies and organizations to safeguard their data assets against attacks and to comply with privacy laws by protecting their confidentiality and integrity. In response to twenty-first century threats - the new world of Data Security 360 - Utimaco's complete range of solutions provide full 360 degree protection unlike free, end-point or built-in encryption solutions which only cover specific security needs. Only SafeGuard solutions protect and manage data both during storage (data at rest), during transmission (data in motion) and during processing (data in use). Utimaco offers its customers comprehensive on site support via a worldwide network of partners and subsidiaries in Europe, the USA and Asia. Utimaco Safeware AG, with headquarters in Oberursel, near Frankfurt, Germany, is listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE0007572406). For more information about Utimaco Safeware, go to

Utimaco's solution portfolio - product lines:
SafeGuard Shield protects data on end devices or in networks (data at
SafeGuard Transit protects data during transmission (data in motion) SafeGuard Process protects data during processing (data in use) SafeGuard Enterprise offers central management of company-wide security policies, and also secure authentication and powerful encryption on many platforms.

About Wick Hill
Established in 1976, value added distributor Wick Hill specialises in secure infrastructure solutions. The company's portfolio covers security, performance, access, services and management. Wick Hill sources and delivers best-of-breed, easy-to-use solutions through its channel partners, providing customer support, implementation, training and technical services.

The company works closely with vendors and its portfolio includes solutions from leading names such as Finjan, Imprivata, Utimaco, WatchGuard, Check Point, , Allot, and Kaspersky. Wick Hill Ltd is part of Wick Hill Group, based in Woking, Surrey with sister offices in Hamburg. Users of products sourced through Wick Hill include most of the Times Top 1000 companies.

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