Software lets IT operations be controlled from shore.

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In addition to letting shore-based IT personnel monitor vessels and manage data, Remote Management Suite enables users to perform upgrades and maintenance, troubleshoot, and carry out training for vessel based systems. Suite utilizes SNAP (SeaWave Network Access Protocol) for network connection and control, SAFE (SeaWave Automatic File Exchange) for data management, and FORM (SeaWave Form Transmission) for ship-to-shore data transmission.

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Save Time and Money: Vessel IT Management From Shore

SeaWave's Remote Management Suite

SeaWave's remote management solution places IT tasks back into the hands of the shore based IT professionals. SeaWave's portfolio of products allows shore-based IT personnel to monitor vessels, manage data, perform upgrades and maintenance, troubleshoot and carry out training for vessel based systems. Ship owners and management companies can save time and money by reducing the need to send shorebased personnel to perform technical vessel-side system tasks.

"The SeaWave Integrator has proven to be more than just a communications tool. The system has nearly eliminated onboard administration by providing a true crew solution and a Remote Management Suite (RMS) that allows IT operations to be controlled from shore. My crew can now concentrate on the tasks that they were trained to perform."

-Mike Donato, Director of IT Services, Maritrans Business Services Co., Inc.

SeaWave Remote Management Suite (RMS)

Building on the functionality of the SeaWave Integrator, the RMS suite provides applications that streamline daily operations, reduce onboard administration and put IT control back in the hands of trained experts.

SNAP (SeaWave Network Access Protocol): Connect into the vessel based PC/Network and completely control keyboard, mouse and monitor - Remotely tackle systems issues without dispatching someone to the vessel or involving the vessel's crew.

SAFE (SeaWave Automatic File Exchange): Remotely administer files, initiate applications and synchronize data between ship and shore - Create custom schedules to run automatically.

SABR (SeaWave Address Book Replication): Manage the corporate address book from shore and automatically update the entire fleet - Vary by fleet or vessel.

FORM (SeaWave Form Transmission): Only the data is transferred between ship and shore, not costly format overhead - On the receiving end the data is automatically reinserted into the corresponding form.

STAR (SeaWave Tracking And Reporting): Monitor vessel or an entire fleet's location and activity - Quick viewing also available on Web.

Two Companies Deliver Unparalleled Service and State-of-the-Art Technology

SeaWave, LLC: A global leader in voice and data communication solutions providing Least Cost Routing (LCR), proprietary Throughput Technology (TTS), and a host of value-added services including SeaWave Billing for crew and a Remote Management Suite (RMS) designed to eliminate administration and lower communication costs.

SeaCoast Electronics: A competent and reliable electronics outfitter with 40 years experience in turn-key installation, on demand field services and unparalleled technical capabilities supplying 24/7 global service.

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