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Overture v4.0 helps attract and identify top-performing sales representatives who can contribute to organization's growth. It uses realistic job previews and job simulations that help communicate important information regarding company and job offering. Administrative and reporting tools configure and manage job requisitions and candidates, while dashboard enables corporate recruiters to make informed decisions about candidates against job performance profiles.

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eContinuum Announces Latest Release of Overture; On-Demand Software Solution Helps Companies Attract, Qualify and Retain Top Sales Talent

MINNEAPOLIS, May 22 -- eContinuum, providers of software and job branding services that revolutionize sales hiring processes, today announced details of the latest version of Overture, its on-demand solution. The new release of Overture builds on eContinuum's focus of providing a better candidate experience through interactive qualification methods, such as job simulations and delivering quality-of-hire methods and metrics to its clients.

Delivered via software-as-a-service (SaaS), Overture can be easily coupled with eContinuum's job branding services to attract and identify top-performing sales representatives who can contribute to top-line growth and customer satisfaction. Overture also works in concert with other recruiting investments, such as applicant tracking systems.

Overture's use of interactive rich media experiences such as realistic job previews and simulations provide compelling methods to communicate important information regarding the company and the job offering. As a result, candidates and employers are empowered to make better decisions early on in the hiring process, including applicants electing to opt out if the job is not a fit, thus saving valuable recruiting time and resources.

eContinuum's Chief Technology Officer, Thomas Kipp, commented, "Using our Overture solution to fully engage candidates early on in the hiring process and providing a better product for qualifying candidates creates a stronger employer/employee relationship from the start. As companies race for talent, the ability to strengthen the employee continuum during the pre-hire process is a distinct competitive advantage for our clients."

Overture 4.0 provides significant upgrades to its administrative and reporting tools for easy configuration and management of job requisitions and candidates. At the center of this upgrade is an improved dashboard that enables corporate recruiters to make informed decisions about candidate's at- a-glance against job performance profiles. By using the dashboard, companies can instantly spot sales stars and fast-track them into the hiring process before their competition does.

eContinuum is the only company offering on-demand software in addition to sophisticated job branding services to enable companies to attract and hire better sales talent. As a result, companies are able to forecast predictable results and reduce sales turnover by hiring the right people from the beginning. More information about Overture 4.0 can be accessed at

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Based in Minneapolis, privately held eContinuum revolutionizes the sales hiring process, enabling companies to gain highly qualified, quality sales candidates, faster. eContinuum's products include Overture, an on-demand software solution that uses job simulations to test skills in context and provides dashboard-style reports to rank candidates, and comprehensive job branding services that realistically portray a hiring company and job opening within the application process. eContinuum's clients include market leaders in technology, health and wellness, retail and media and entertainment.

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