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OneSpace Designer Drafting 2002+ includes Personal Collaboration, which gives users ability to share 2D drawing and data, and collaborate in real-time with extended design teams. Drawing Manager allows users to manage their drawing data, versions, and revisions within their company. BOM Manager adds Bill of Material Management capabilities to Drawing Manager and Project Data Manager. Users can generate and update BOM corresponding to drawing's structure and parts used.

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CoCreate Introduces The Next Generation of Online Collaboration: OneSpace Designer Drafting 2002+ Adds Real-time Online 2D Drawing Collaboration, Drawing Management, and Bill of Material Management

FORT COLLINS, Colo., and SINDELFINGEN, Germany - May 9, 2002 - CoCreate Software, Inc., the leading provider of collaborative product development (CPD) solutions, today announced three new products for OneSpace Designer Drafting 2002+, all designed to increase collaboration during the product development process:

- Personal Collaboration adds powerful collaboration tools to a Drafting user's environment. This extension gives CoCreate's customers the ability to easily share 2D drawing data and collaborate in real-time with their extended design teams, including suppliers, customers, and other departments within the company.

- Drawing Manager adds powerful drawing management tools to a user's environment. Users can easily manage their own drawing data, versions, and revisions within their company and to easily expand their solution to encompass suppliers and their design data.

- BOM Manager adds powerful Bill of Material Management capabilities to both Drawing Manager and Project Data Manager. Users can automatically generate and update a Bill-of-Material corresponding to the drawing's structure and parts used.

"The new capabilities we've added to this version go farther to
creating a true online collaboration and product development process than ever before," said Geoffrey Hedges, director of solution marketing of CoCreate. "From initial discussions with customers, both the Personal Collaboration and Drawing Manager products have been extremely well received, and the idea that our customers can evaluate those products in their own environment without any risk or effort is truly unique."

CoCreate is offering a free, no risk evaluation version of Personal Collaboration to all 80,000 active users of OneSpace Drafting and ME10. Via a 24-hour secure service, users can simply log into the hosted evaluation service, upload a sample drawing, and instantly explore realtime collaboration with other members of the team, including suppliers or customers.

The hosted service can read all MI, DXF, and DWG versions from ME10 8,7 onwards, so it is the ideal solution for gaining the benefits of real time collaboration without needing those users to update their environment to the latest release.

The hosted service can be found under services and will be active to all CoCreate users starting June 1, 2002.

About CoCreate
Since its inception in 1984, a singular vision -- "Innovation through Shared Minds(TM)" -- has propelled CoCreate to its position as a leading provider of collaborative product design solutions that allow companies worldwide to design better products faster.

CoCreate's OneSpace Solution Suite is an integrated component of an organization's Collaborative Product Commerce (CPC) infrastructure that complements existing data and process technologies. The OneSpace Solution Suite provides a powerful, collaborative product design environment that fosters innovation and communication across the extended development team. This environment empowers people with various interests and talents to join together to explore ideas, to make more rapid and better decisions, leading to superior products and faster time to market.

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