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LANState Pro v3.4 for corporate Microsoft Windows networks allows administrators to see state of network on graphic display in real-time. It provides periodical polling of devices available by pinging them or attempting to connect to required TCP port, and built-in web server displays interactive network diagram for remote users. Checks include SNMP, MAC address, and ARP monitoring, and it also supports local printer and hub network devices.

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10-Strike Software Releases LANState Pro 3.4

LANState Pro is a network management and administration software solution for corporate Microsoft Windows networks. LANState Pro contains a network device status monitor that allows a network administrator to see the state of a network on a graphic display in real time and to receive notification about the time devices go out or become available, and thus ensure prompt response to failures and minimized lost time.

The functionality of the program is based on periodical polling of devices available, as displayed on the graphic map, by pinging them or attempting to connect to the required TCP port over a network, or by applying other types of checks (such as file, folder, or free disk space monitoring, MAC address checking, and SNMP monitoring). The network administrator can set up the program to respond to particular events, such as when devices go down or are turned on. Such responses can include displaying a message, playing a sound, sending an e-mail, running external programs, or recording to a log.

LANState Pro generates the network map, which speeds up accessing and managing remote host resources. The network diagram can be exported to Microsoft Visio for printing, editing, or similar purpose. The use of LANState Pro makes it easier to monitor processes on networks of any range or size because of its ability to link external applications such as file managers or even remote administration software to the program. The software does not require the installation of any additional software on remote computers. LANState Pro has a built-in web server that displays an interactive network diagram to remote users and administrators.

LANState Pro version 3.4 has a completely rebuilt host searching mechanism, and several new types of checks such as SNMP, MAC address, and ARP monitoring have been added to the program. Two new types of network devices have also been added - local printer and hub.

LANState Pro 3.4 is available at for free download. The cost of registering the program is $249.95 US.

System Requirements:
A standard PC with Windows 95/98/ME/NT4/2000/XP Network (NetBIOS, ICMP, TCP, UDP must be enabled in your firewall)

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