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Press Release Summary:

Vontu v4.0 consists of Vontu Monitor, which provides automated content monitoring, measurement, and alerting of potential breaches, and Vontu Prevent, which adds ability to actively stop outbound email messages. Software enforces security and privacy policies and prevents loss of confidential customer data and intellectual property caused by inadvertent or malicious employee actions and automated business processes.

Original Press Release:

Vontu Introduces the Industry's First Solution to Monitor and Stop Data From Leaving Corporate Networks via the Internet

Vontu 4.0 Software Helps Organizations Protect Customer Data and Intellectual Property, Reduce Financial Risk, Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance, and Protect Brand Reputation

SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 24-- Vontu Inc., the leader in Data Loss Prevention solutions, today announced the fourth generation of its flagship products. Vontu 4.0 provides best-in-class monitoring of network exit points and now the option to stop Internet communications containing confidential data from leaving corporate networks. Vontu 4.0 enforces security and privacy policies and prevents loss of confidential customer data and intellectual property caused by inadvertent or malicious employee actions and automated business processes.

The impact of data loss continues to negatively impact companies' bottom lines:

-- In the last five years, businesses have suffered losses of $48 billion from identity theft alone,

-- Companies lose hundreds of millions of dollars every year in pirated intellectual property, including leaked source code and design documents,

-- According to research gathered by Vontu over the past two years, one out of every 500 email messages leaving large enterprises contains confidential information such as customer data, employee data, financial information, or intellectual property.

"To protect customer trust and intellectual property as well as demonstrate compliance, enterprises will require Data Loss Prevention solutions that not only monitor for data loss but also stop the transmission of confidential data before it happens," said Larry Ponemon of the Ponemon Institute.

With Vontu 4.0, companies can save millions of dollars in financial loss and brand damage by stopping confidential information from leaving the corporate network. For example, when an employee in Marketing attempts to email a spreadsheet that contains customer contact information, account numbers, or social security numbers to their corporate advertising agency, Vontu blocks the transmission and protects the company from millions of dollars in remediation costs, customer loss, and legal fines. Or, if an employee posts details of an upcoming product release or source code to a public message board, Vontu detects this policy violation as it happens, saving the company millions in counterfeiting and market share.

"By 2006, 70 percent of the Fortune 500 will inspect all outbound network traffic for unacceptable use of corporate information," said Rich Mogull, Research Director, Information Security and Risk Practice, Gartner Research. (Gartner Presentation "Data Security: Keeping Bad People from Good Data" by Rich Mogull. October 17-22, 2004.)

A New Standard in Data Loss Prevention

"Today's network security suffers from an 80-80 paradox. Corporations are spending eighty percent of their security budget to prevent attacks from the outside, where in reality eighty percent of high-cost security incidents come from within," said Joseph Ansanelli, CEO of Vontu. "The combination of unprecedented accuracy and the ability to stop confidential data from ever leaving the network allows our customers to minimize potentially significant financial losses and protect their reputation."

With this release, Vontu has defined a new standard for Data Loss Prevention solutions to meet customer and market requirements, including message blocking, highly accurate detection of confidential information, measurable reduction of risk over time, and enterprise manageability and scale.

About Vontu 4.0

Vontu 4.0 includes two products: Vontu Monitor and Vontu Prevent. Vontu Monitor provides automated content monitoring, measurement, and alerting of potential breaches. Vontu Prevent includes all the features of Vontu Monitor and adds the ability to actively stop outbound email messages.

Vontu Monitor

-- Monitor -- Vontu 4.0 delivers unprecedented accuracy with best-in-class policy creation and tuning, user interface, and patent-pending detection technologies that inspect all network traffic and message content in real-time.

-- Exact Data Matching(TM) (patent pending) detects incidents and protects database data with 100 percent accuracy.

-- Contextual Analysis detects policy breaches in unstructured data through message content and contextual characteristics.

-- Natural Language Processing improves overall accuracy by normalizing and classifying message content based on its linguistic attributes.

-- Configurable Policy Authoring (patent pending) and Regulatory Best Practice Templates enable users to easily deploy and tune policies to meet changing requirements and address specific threats.

-- Total Network Coverage allows enterprises to monitor all network traffic, including email (SMTP), instant messaging (AOL, MSN, Yahoo), webmail and web postings (HTTP), file transfers (FTP), network news (NNTP), Telnet, POP, IMAP, IRC, and all other TCP sessions over any port.

-- Manage -- Vontu 4.0 delivers proven enterprise manageability and scale.

-- Incident Response Workflow manages and tracks the incident remediation process.

-- Sender Auto-Notification automatically notifies senders when they send a message containing confidential data.

-- Role-based Access Control empowers individual business units and departments to review and remediate only those incidents relevant to their business.

-- Proven Enterprise Scalability and Performance at enterprises with hundreds of thousands of monitored senders and millions of messages per day.

-- Measure -- Vontu 4.0 enables business users to accurately measure and reduce security risk over time to demonstrate corporate and regulatory compliance.

-- History and Trend Analysis measures risk reduction and incident activity over time.

-- Customizable, Role-based Dashboards and Reports measure risk reduction over time.

-- Compliance Reports for Sarbanes-Oxley, GLBA, CA-SB1386/AB1950, HIPAA, and more, allow companies to demonstrate compliance.

-- Incident Snapshot(TM) displays complete incident content and context for rapid and actionable remediation.

-- Directory Integration supports sender identity forensics, incident investigation, and business unit level reporting.

Vontu Prevent

-- Block -- Vontu Prevent is the industry's first solution that can stop transmissions of email communications that violate security, acceptable use and privacy policies before they leave the network.

-- Message Quarantine and Redirection monitors and analyzes email traffic in-line and conditionally quarantines messages or redirects messages based on any monitoring policy.

-- Administrative Review and Release allows blocked messages to be reviewed and released by an administrator, preserving corporate messaging efficiency.

-- Encryption Integration with industry standard encryption gateways to enforce enterprise-wide encryption and archiving policies.

-- Message Tagging enforces enterprise-wide encryption and archiving through policy-based message header/subject modification.

-- Integrated with Vontu Monitor for monitoring and blocking with a single solution.


Vontu Monitor and Vontu Prevent will be available in Q1, 2005.

About Vontu, Inc.

Vontu is the industry's first Data Loss Prevention solution that stops confidential information, including customer data and intellectual property, from being sent outside the corporate network. Vontu solutions help customers reduce their financial risk, including remediation costs and legal exposure, protect brand equity and customer loyalty, and ensure compliance with internal policies and government regulations. Vontu customers include the Fortune 1000 and Global 2000 in financial services, manufacturing, retail, media, healthcare and telecommunications. More information about Vontu can be found at

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