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Installed and operational within 30 min, OpenLogic Enterprise v4.6 helps companies manage use of their open source software across enterprise. OpenLogic Certified Library, included, features 302 open source software packages and more than 1,200 versions of those packages. Also included, customizable Update Manager keeps companies current with latest versions of open source software, including fixes and security patches.

Original Press Release:

OpenLogic Enterprise 4.6 Expands Certified Library and Includes More Ajax Tools

OpenLogic Makes It Faster, Easier and Safer For Enterprises to Increase Use of Open Source Software

BROOMFIELD, Colo., July 6 -- OpenLogic, Inc., a provider of enterprise open source software solutions encompassing hundreds of open source packages, today announced the launch of OpenLogic Enterprise 4.6, the newest release of its enterprise platform designed to help companies quickly and easily manage the use of open source software across the enterprise. OpenLogic Enterprise 4.6 contains many additions to the OpenLogic Certified Library, has a fast new automated installation process, and offers more enterprise control for updating security patches and versions of open source software.

Expanded Certified Library

The OpenLogic Certified Library continues to grow and has reached 302 open source software packages and more than 1,200 versions of those packages. Based on direct feedback from Fortune 500 companies, OpenLogic has expanded the list of Ajax-related packages, providing certification and support for the packages that enterprises are using for Web 2.0 applications. OpenLogic has also expanded Solaris support to include open source software on Solaris 8 & 9 in addition to support for Solaris 10.

The 300+ open source packages in the OpenLogic Certified Library now include:

-- Three New AJAX Projects: Dojo, Google Web Toolkit, and ICEFaces;
-- New Versions of Popular Enterprise Open Source: ActiveMQ 4.1.1, Apache HTTP Server 2.2.2, AspectJ 1.5.3, Jasper Reports 1.3.1, Maven 2.0.6, Tomahawk 1.1.5, MySQL 5.0.37, PHP 5.2.1. PostgreSQL 8.1.9, Regexp 1.5, Tomcat 5.5.23;
-- New LAMP Stacks: Apache 2.2.2 or 2.2.4 with MySQL 5.037 (and PostgreSQL 8.1.9), and PHP 5.2.1 on RHEL, Fedora, and SUSE;
-- New Supported Platforms: Sun Solaris 8 & 9;
-- 30 other new open source projects.

The OpenLogic Certified Library is a repository of pre-approved open source packages. Enterprises can use this library as a way to safely and securely manage and control open source software. The Certified Library contains open source packages that:

-- Have passed OpenLogic's 42-point certification process;
-- Are supported by OpenLogic's one-call technical support and backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community;
-- Are indemnified against potential IP risks;
-- Are automatically kept up to date on latest version releases and security patches.

30 Minute Installation

In addition to the expanded Certified Library, OpenLogic Enterprise 4.6 has a new streamlined installation process that lets enterprises start managing open source within 30 minutes. This automated process installs all of the requisite applications (including a database and web server) without requiring special expertise or knowledge.

New Customizable Update Manager

To keep current with the newest open source software, including fixes and security patches, the OpenLogic Enterprise 4.6 Update Manager pulls updates from the OpenLogic Certified Library via the Internet. Enterprises can control which packages they download from available updates.

"OpenLogic customers include dozens of Fortune 100 companies that not only require a trusted source for a wide breadth of open source products, but also need to trust that the available fixes and security patches are always up to date," said Steve Grandchamp, CEO of OpenLogic. "Now, with OpenLogic's ability to get enterprises up and running in 30 minutes they can take advantage of all the benefits that open source software has to offer."

About OpenLogic

OpenLogic is a leading provider of open source solutions that enable enterprises to safely acquire, support, and control open source software. OpenLogic provides enterprises with a certified library of open source software that encompasses hundreds of the most popular open source packages. With the broadest open source coverage in the industry, OpenLogic offers indemnification; updates; and enterprise-grade technical support backed by the OpenLogic Expert Community. The OpenLogic solution also enforces open source policies and automates the integration and deployment of open source components -- reducing the risk and maximizing the cost savings associated with using open source software. For more on OpenLogic, go to

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