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Version 7 Manufacturing Operations Software, R3, includes shop floor materials control system, enabling users to define how system guides operators, reacts to conditions, and level of control it enforces. Real-time xLink data collection adapters have been added, optimizing plug-and-play connectivity to assembly, process, inspection, and test assets. Program provides job level traceability as well as job scheduling and various dashboard and reporting functions.

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Aegis to Unveil Its R3 Manufacturing Operations Software at APEX Booth 1235

HORSHAM, PA (USA) - Aegis Software will unveil the third major release of its Version 7 Manufacturing Operations Software, known as R3, at the 2009 APEX exhibition in Las Vegas. The system will be officially released to the Aegis customer base for deployment immediately following the exhibition. R3 builds upon the success of the Version 7 manufacturing operations system that has been delivering unmatched speed, control and visibility to factories worldwide for more than a year. Key updates in R3 include:

o The Next Evolution of the Class-Defining Version 7 MOS System: R3 incorporates hundreds of customer-driven enhancements to the Aegis Manufacturing Operations System. Enhancements spanning the process planning and launch engine, paperless delivery, product tracking, quality collection and repair, dashboards, and analytics areas of the system. In particular, R3 adds a fully redesigned shop floor materials control interface. Aegis has also added many real-time xLink data collection adapters, further advancing its plug-and-play connectivity to assembly, process, inspection, and test assets.

o A Shop Floor Materials Control System You Design Yourself: Version 7 revolutionized factory software by enabling customers to build their own reports, analyses, and dashboards without any customization or costs. R3 extends this 'user-customization' advantage to shop floor materials verification. Every manufacturer has strong opinions about how best to control shop floor materials, how to setup machines, etc. R3 empowers customers to design the materials setup strategy and tactics their web-based shop floor interface will employ using a simple graphical interface. R3 users have the power to define exactly how the system guides operators, reacts to conditions, and the level of control it enforces. A total step forward as compared to any other setup verification tool on the market. R3 is the only system empowering you to decide how every process will be guided and verified to ensure the right material, is in the right location, for the right product.

o Dispatch-Side, Job-Level Traceability: R3 adds a new type of traceability to the perfect accuracy of Aegis consumption-side traceability functions, called 'Job Level' traceability. R3 provides a kit verification process and assists dispatch to the floor, providing 'Job Level' traceability where perfect unit-level traceability is not desired. In addition to simplified traceability at a broad level, the technology assists operators in predicting the unit volume that can be produced for a given kit in real time as it is scanned for dispatch, guides the splitting of bags, reels, and sticks, etc.

o Expanded Box-Build Capability: R3 provides enhanced support for infinitely nested assemblies, and enhanced mechanical CAD support within the paperless, trace, and tracking capabilities of the system.

o Expanded Dashboard and Reporting Capabilities: The explosive success of the Aegis iMonitor and Data Miner systems for real-time dashboards and reporting drove the addition of many new dashboard gauges, charts, and other active elements, as well as new Data Miner sources. Real-time predictive materials usage, job completion, OEE, tooling life monitoring, expiration etc. has all been added. R3 has greater 'out of box' dashboard and reporting capability than any system on the market, and as with all Aegis outputs, costs and customization are not required to get the information you need-just click, drag and drop.

o In-Process DPMO: Beyond its fully automatic job and station-level DPMO, R3 now delivers the only viable means to monitor 'In Process DPMO' in real-time. The new solution supports non- conformance 'charge backs' to root cause, to drive real process analysis by the root source of quality problems, rather than only the location at which they were identified.

o Job Scheduling: R3 adds categorization and ranks to jobs that are on the build horizon, providing shop floor personnel with guidance to their daily build sequence. Job planners may re-categorize and re-order jobs based on its readiness or urgency through the browser interface, by importing an updated job list directly into the system, or through API integration to ERP or scheduling systems in place within the enterprise.

About Aegis Software

Aegis systems provide hi-tech manufacturers improved speed, control, and visibility of all aspects of factory operations so they can do more with less. Today, manufacturers must maintain less assets, but achieve more utilization. Less cost, but faster product launches and reporting.

Less overhead, but total traceability. The Aegis Manufacturing Operations System (MOS) supports these goals, and is delivered in a way that defines and contains the investment required to complete the full system deployment. The Aegis system speeds process planning and launch, controls shop floor materials, process execution, and quality, while making everything traceable and visible through built-in reporting, analytics and real-time dashboard systems. One system, on one database-created, deployed, and supported by one vendor.

Aegis improves manufacturing operations in more than 1,000 installed sites worldwide, and is the preferred software partner to more than 30 of the leading manufacturing equipment suppliers. Aegis solutions offer unique benefits to manufacturers in electronics assembly, medical equipment/device, defense/aerospace, and automotive markets. A Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, Aegis consistently leads in customer satisfaction and value by providing deployment, integration, and support of its systems entirely through direct worldwide offices and staff. A claim validated by 8 consecutive years of customer satisfaction awards.

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