Software helps design spreadsheets and detect errors.

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ComplyXL v1.5.3 includes Formula Viewer that detects and prevents errors in spreadsheets. Enabling users to view Excel formula in hierarchical format, multi-threaded utility allows software to act as control system for management and analysis of Excel spreadsheets, by providing change control, tracking, audit, and review capabilities to ensure faster financial reporting.

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Lyquidity Announces Key Enhancement to ComplyXL: Formula Viewer for Spreadsheet Management Now Released.

1st February 2007: London, New York - Lyquidity announces the arrival of ComplyXL's formula viewer, aiding spreadsheet design as well as detecting errors.

Lyquidity Solutions, the international specialist spreadsheet company, today released ComplyXL version 1.5.3, which includes Formula Viewer, a key component for preventing and detecting errors in spreadsheets.

"We wanted to ensure that ComplyXL brings extra value to our customers, and one of the biggest issues faced is understanding complex formulas", said Sandy Marshall, Product Manager. "Creating formulas in Excel is easy, some may say too easy. However formulas and how they calculate can quickly become difficult to understand. Formula Viewer in ComplyXL allows you to see any Excel formula presented in a hierarchical format that makes its structure more understandable, whether you wrote the formula or you are trying to understand one written by someone else."

While the parts of a formula (functions, cell references, constants and so on) are shown on the left-hand side of the display, the corresponding values are shown on the right making it easy to see how Excel will process the formula. Values for all parts of a formula are included. It's not just cell reference values but also the result of any functions which may be used within a formula, such as SUM(), IF() or CHOOSE(). This is really helpful when tracking errors because should part of a formula return an error it becomes obvious.

You can drill into cell references (single cells or range areas) to see how contributing cells are calculated. The active worksheet and selected cell are changed as you navigate to cell references. However a history list makes it easy both to see where you've come from and to go back. With the ability to see the part of a formula causing an error and the ability to drill in, you can track the cause of each error back to its source.

The utility it designed to stay open while you use Excel and is updated automatically as you move from cell to cell or edit a formula. Because a very long formula might take a moment to display, the utility is multi-threaded to ensure that your use of Excel is not impeded.

The Formula Viewer enhances and strengthens ComplyXL's ability to act as a powerful control system for the management and analysis of Excel spreadsheets by also providing change control, tracking, audit and review capabilities to ensure faster financial reporting and reduce the regulatory and compliance risks wherever spreadsheets are used.

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Lyquidity Solutions is an innovative specialist in the control, management and compliance of Excel spreadsheets. More information can be found from our website at For US inquiries please either email or call 1-800 401 0289, and for European enquiries call +44 (0)207 043 2777 or email

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