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Providing process streamlining and secure management, PaperVision® Capture enables business to collect, organize, and code data according to requirements. It enables information capture to be centralized or distributed and includes capabilities such as barcode recognition and OCR, automatic indexing, quality control, customizable statistics, and point-and-click coding for adding any feature/function. Program integrates with various ECM systems and business applications.

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New Product in Enterprise Content Management Released for 2009

Next Generation Technology, PaperVision® Capture Offers Unmatched Capabilities

GREENWOOD VILLAGE, Colo., Jan. 13 / / - Digitech Systems announces the launch of a new product that redefines Enterprise Content Management (ECM) capture technology.

Historically, while ECM technology has provided companies with the ability to store and manage their data electronically, there have been inefficiencies in information collection.

Every day in the U.S. and Canada, thousands of companies, in industries from financial services to retail, transport trucks of documents to scanning centers for collation, organization and scanning before shredding. Current technology for complete capture has been a pain. Installation and implementation is difficult and the process inflexible, so most companies have found it more convenient to outsource the problem.

Now, PaperVision Capture provides all the flexibility, process streamlining and secure management for data capture that companies need. It remains low in cost, even while the amount of electronic data continues to grow at an exponential rate.

ECM with PaperVision Capture means that customers with businesses of any size can collect, organize and code their data according to their unique organizational requirements, without the huge expense of tailor-written, in-house solutions, such as only Fortune 100 companies could previously afford.

PaperVision Capture is the future of information capture with these unique features:

- Network the Corporation: centralize or distribute information capture
across multiple systems and geographic locations

- Management Control: maximize efficiency by prioritizing jobs and
reassigning batches on the fly

- Easy Customization: streamline processing with a completely
customizable workflow process and an easy-to-use graphical design tool

- Barcode Recognition and OCR: eliminate keystrokes with barcode and
optical character recognition (OCR) for time-saving, accurate results

- Automatic Indexing: populate index information instantly by matching
specified values and merging them with existing data

- Quality Results: ensure accuracy with extensive quality control
options including index field verification

- Unmatched Tracking Capabilities: use a wide array of provided
statistics or create custom statistics of your own

- Built-in Integration: integrate with a variety of ECM systems and
business applications

- Custom Code Engine: create virtually any feature or function you want
with point-and-click technology

"The technology industry needs to move beyond developing products that make minor modifications to what's already in place, and instead dedicate themselves to creating products that solve customers' real-world needs, are elegant in design and execution, and cut IT costs while increasing ROI," said HK Bain, CEO of Digitech Systems. "For instance, Apple, Inc., exploded into the digital music and cell phone markets, because they approach development as a way to give customers what they want, not just to add to the status quo. Digitech Systems has the same philosophy. That's why we lead the ECM industry with products that don't just do what everyone expects, but that take every function of ECM to a superior level."

Corporate information is growing at an astounding rate. IDC estimates that between 2006 and 2010 the information added annually to the digital universe will increase more than six-fold from 161 exabytes to 988 exabytes (an exabyte is one quintillion bytes). Organizing this digital material is a challenge PaperVision Capture was designed to meet, so costs don't grow as information does.

"Growth of data, compliance initiatives and economic concerns are driving companies to find better ways to manage corporate information. PaperVision Capture simplifies the process of capturing critical business data so that companies save time and money," said Rebecca Wettemann, Vice President of Nucleus Research, an analyst firm specializing in technology return on investment.

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Digitech Systems, Inc. enables businesses of any size to more effectively and securely manage, retrieve and store corporate information of any kind. By significantly reducing the cost of enterprise content management (ECM) systems, Digitech Systems has moved ECM from a luxury convenience to an essential element of a well-managed business.

Delivering the industry's smartest suite of ECM products and services, Digitech Systems is established by its customers as the trusted source for managing, storing and providing immediate, secure desktop or Web-based access to any and all corporate information. ImageSilo, PaperVision Enterprise, and a variety of document and content capture products are available from Digitech Systems as a fully integrated suite, or as process specific components to match the individual needs of small businesses to major corporations. To learn more, contact Digitech Systems at or 1-866-374-3569 or visit

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