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Software/Hardware Package targets retail stores.

Press Release Summary:

Based on Retail Pro v9, Retail Pro Express includes Hewlett Packard rp5700 Point-of-Sale hardware system designed with gold-plated connectors and poly-fused power ports. Software includes Oracle database and analytical statistics, such as GMROI, Sell Thru, Turn, and Stock-to-Sales Ratios, which can be seen on any item, style, department, or vendor in system. Retail Pro v9 also features advancements in Customer Relationship Management, Data Security, and reporting.

Original Press Release:

San Diego Cash Register Announces Retail Pro Express Best of Breed Point of Sale Software Combined with Hewlett Packard Hard

SDCR Business Systems announced today the launch of a new product called Retail Pro Express, a robust combination of the latest version of Retail Pro software combined with a highly resilient Hewlett Packard point of sale hardware package. This bundle brings together the most state-of-the-art software for retail stores, pre-installed on cutting edge hardware, at a price that has never been seen in the North American marketplace before.

At the heart of Retail Pro Express is Retail Pro Version 9, the latest version of Retail Pro that includes an Oracle database, advanced analytical statistics such as GMROI, Sell Thru, Turn, and Stock-To-Sales Ratios which can be seen on any item, style, department or vendor in the system. These statistics are immediately available to the retailer, enabling him to make faster and better decisions which will improve his profitability. Retail Pro Version 9 also features advancements in Customer Relationship Management, Data Security, and advanced reporting features.

In addition, Retail Pro Express features the Hewlett Packard rp5700 Point of Sale hardware system, a retail-hardened all-in-one platform that can go from the front of the store to the back office. Hewlett Packard designed this system with features such as gold plated connectors and poly fused power ports, to ensure the system stays up and running for years to come.

The package, which also includes training and support, sells for less than $6,000.00, which is far below any other comparable package in the market.

"We've combined the best store software on the planet with the best hardware, at an irresistible price," said SDCR Business Systems President Matt Richardson. "Now systems that were only available to larger or better capitalized retail chains are available to startup or smaller retailers nationwide."

The bundle includes everything the retailer needs, including preinstalled software, and one-on-one training with Version 9 certified Retail Pro technicians. "We wanted to make sure that anyone who gets this bundle will be successful," continued Richardson. "We added training to the bundle so that the retailer can set up his system properly, and get a healthy ROI from it early on."

Initial response from the marketplace has been strong. Sales began within the first week of the product's existence. Retailers can order the product from a brand new website developed for Retail Pro Express,, which includes all the information about the product and services offered. Retail Pro Express can also be reached by phone at 800-683-2778 ext 4.

"In today's economy, having the right POS software, hardware, and partnerships are critical for any retailer's success," explained Pelle Atterholm, Director of Sales & Marketing. "We are excited to help as many retail clients as we can, get through this tough economic period by providing the best of breed software, hardware, and service, at a price anyone can afford."

SDCR Business Systems is a leading provider of POS solutions for independent and multi-unit operators in the Retail and Hospitality industries. Founded in 1967 in Southern California, SDCR has grown from a small cash register company to become one of the leading full-service POS corporations in North America.

SDCR has dominated the Southern California POS market for many years. Because of the dominance in Southern California, SDCR was able to attract the attention of a number of regional multi-unit operators in the foodservice, retail, and grocery industries. SDCR's engagements with multi-unit operators required the company to become effective in delivering efficient POS solutions to remote locations outside the Southern California area. As a result, SDCR became highly proficient at providing system solutions, remote software support, and on-site & depot hardware repairs to the entire North American region.

SDCR continues to dominate the California POS marketplace today and is one of North America's leading resellers of Retail Pro and Aloha POS by Radiant, as well as a top Hewlett Packard, Dell, and IBM business partner for POS.

For more information, contact Retail Pro Express at 800-683-2778 ext 4, or email You can also visit

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