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Able to support website at any level, FTP-Commander-Deluxe is supplied with fully functional site manager and can be customized to meet all professional administrator requirements. It provides smart rules for file renaming, handling extensions, changing registry, and setting transfer mode. Along with editor for carriage return symbols, features include automatic passive transfer mode activation, built-in encryption support, and ability to allow file transfers over 2 GB.

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Internet File Transfer using FTP Commander Deluxe

While FTP-Commander-Deluxe is ideally suitable for novice administrators, this is first off a software product for professionals. You can easily support a website with it at any level.

The professional administrator can customize FTP-Commander-Deluxe ( to meet all his requirements and needs. The software configuration has the ability to provide "smart" rules for file renaming, handling extensions, rules for changing the registry, and setting the transfer mode (ASCII or binary). There is a special editor for carriage return symbols, which is vital for working with scripts. Furthermore, FTP-Commander-Deluxe can automatically turn passive transfer mode on or off if necessary and correct errors in entering connection parameters.

The product is supplied with a fully functional site manager, making it easy to work with large numbers of different sites. The client has a built-in zip archiver, so you can keep an archived copy of site contents on the server and unzip the zipped files automatically, which greatly simplifies the administrator's work.

Website administrators of major businesses no longer have to worry about the preservation of confidential information. FTP-Commander-Deluxe possesses a built-in fully functional support for Shell Access, FTPS (File Transfer Protocol using SSL), SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol), so that all traffic between your computers and server is encrypted, and intruders cannot intercept your login id and password.

FTP-Commander-Deluxe allows file transfers of over 2 Gb. The software is able to work with proxy servers, and to interface with firewalls.

If you need a reliable product to support the website of a major company, FTP Commander Deluxe is your best option.

But the functionality of FTP-Commander-Deluxe is not limited to only one way to managing files on websites. A company with remote divisions is often required to exchange data quickly. All too often, email is used for this purpose. However, this is not the best alternative from the point of view either of operability or of security. You end up depending on email services, where your messages can be delayed for hours or even days due to interruptions in the operation of mail servers. In addition, many mail servers prohibit transfers of a large files. So what do you do if you immediately need to send from one office to another a video file larger than a gigabyte that contains important information? Finally, email cannot always provide the appropriate level of security and confidentiality required at major organizations.

FTP-Commander-Deluxe helps you solve all these issues easily. FTP file transfer is actually faster, safer, and more secure. You do not have to depend on the security of an email provider, and you don't have to break files down into smaller chunks so that you don't exceed the maximum size of message attachments.

Also, FTP is extremely useful for organizations with offsite employees. Files needing to be edited collectively don't have to be sent back and forth from one user to another, wasting valuable time and bandwidth. All required changes can be entered directly on the server itself using FTP Commander Deluxe.

Finally, FTP-Commander-Deluxe allows you to set up data exchange between the basic corporate system and its website. This is extremely useful for periodic synchronization of information that is kept on both the system and the website, such as when a corporate database is periodically updated with new data and there is a copy on the website. FTP Commander Deluxe allows you to set up the task scheduler so that all content maintained on a webpage is updated regularly with new data. You can also set up the reverse process - new data (for example, forms and applications) will be regularly uploaded from the website into the corporate system.

FTP-Commander-Deluxe allows you to arrange a backup copy of all data maintained in your system on any indicated server. As a result you won't have to worry about preserving valuable information.

FTP-Commander-Deluxe is a highly functional and secure system, dedicated to making all procedures connected with managing a website, with transfer, editing and backup copying of valuable data significantly easier.

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The registration fee is USD 49,95

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