Software facilitates SWIFTNet message modification/repair.

Press Release Summary:

Offering solution for on-demand requirements, WebSphere® Message Administration Facility v1.1 is designed for creating, editing, and validating SWIFTNet FIN messages in secure and auditable manner. Operators may confidentially use functions such as browse, display, copy, move, delete, redirect and backout, and re-route. Able to eliminate message syntax complexity, software features remote GUI and supports rapid correction of message problems.

Original Press Release:

IBM WebSphere Message Administration Facility V1.1 Enhances Your SWIFTNet Messaging

Efficiently enables message
-Modification and repair
Eliminates message syntax complexity
Provides easy-to-use remote standard GUI
Supports the rapid correction of message problems
Complies with required security standards

For ordering, contact:
Your IBM representative or IBM Americas Call Centers at 800-IBM-CALL (Reference: YE001).

WebSphere® Message Administration Facility offers a solution for your on demand requirements. This Web-based program is designed for the creation, editing, and administration of SWIFTNet FIN messages. The message administrator is able to create, edit, and validate messages and business functions in a secure and auditable manner.

In addition, you can now confidentially use the following functions: browse, display, copy, move, delete, redirect and backout, and re-route. Several sample routing flows, based on the WebSphere Portal V5, are provided to demonstrate how you can integrate WebSphere Message Administration Facility into your business environment.

Planned availability date
November 22, 2005, electronic software delivery
November 25, 2005, media and documentation

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